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Although he's not a mod anymore, he's still happy to solve problems of other tartlets. His fans approve too.

Deviantart-favicon.png Lolly, known as Deviantart-favicon.png lllo0o0olll in the good ol' days, was a deviantART core admin until last Wednesday. His duty was to spread lies which his boss, Deviantart-favicon.png Spyed makes up for him, and to ban whoever disagreed with him, even if it's done in a mature way, and without any insults and/or trolling (Although it must be said when he finally put the banhammer down on "arch troll" and "leader of the emo" ndifferencethere was much rejoicing in Fella'$ Faggotry Lounge, where lolly/spyed/realitysquared partake of frequent buttseks while chix0r stands by and twirls her mustache).

Back in the day he was a "Tour de force" on the forums when trolling newbies was "the thing". His troll attitude is also proved by this backup of a journal and its replies. Anyone wishing to see his troll attitude just has to use the handy search and look at his threads started back in the day.

Accurate Depiction of Lolly

Obviously, dxd is an ass-licking whore of epic proportions.

Fun Facts

His power level is over nine thousand, but his modesty level is down at zero.
Asslickers can get away with this but don't YOU do that or you get the banhammer!
Lolly's new tattoo.
Translation: If you think dA has cheap prizes, then you can GTFO.
definitely here for the art, that's for sure
  • Lolly, despite what the terms of service claims, reads your notes on a daily basis, as proved by this comment. HAHA DISREGARD THIS, I FAIL AT READING (AND ALSO SUCK COCKS)
  • Lolly hides under a clown mask, because his face is too ugly to be seen. Some say he is the evil twin of the Pillow Angel. His face has been seen only once, and it was during the Special Olympics.
  • During the ACCIDENT RETARD case, Lolly promised that something would be done against Guruubii (see the note screencapped in the Guruubii article for proof). Of course, nothing was done. Point proven: Lolly is just here to spread lies, but he has strictly no power on dA.
  • Lolly hates 4channers and will ban whoever uses memes on deviantART, most of the time without any reason. Unless, of course, the person sucks his E-penis and/or happens to be Lolly himself.
This meme isn't funny anymoar, thanks to you, retard.
  • He changed his name from lllo0o0olll because he *finally* realized that some people would have difficulty spelling it.
  • His current icon is a gift from the furry neoikeia which earned her the position of gallery director.
  • Lolly was once permabanned for being a troll in the forums but was reinstated after having secks with the adminz.
  • Rumor has it that Lolly is the true identity of mctbone, a troll who plagued the forums during deviantART's failed V2.
  • Lolly is an overweight, alcoholic redneck with a lazy eye which serves to make him look as stupid as he actually is. Just look at this asshole. If that ain't a redneck, nothin' is!
  • Lolly has left dA!! He removed his staff symbol in favor of nothing. He posted a tl;dr journal announcing his leave, although it has been predicted he will come back next thursday and say this was all a joke.
If people even use lol threads to complain, then maybe something IS wrong with the dAdministration?


If you are on deviantART and if $Lolly comments on your userpage, deviations, or journal, do not reply. His only purpose is to troll and bait people into replying so he can find a pretext to B& them. Licking his ass might save you though, as proven by the many love comments permanently flooding his Deviantart-favicon.png dA page.

Comments like this will get ya banned unless you post them to asslick Lolly or one of his buds. It might also get you a position in the staff!

Art Critic

Let it also be known that Lolly has a high standard for art, if you don't agree with him, he'll retort that your art isn't of a high enough quality for him to acknowledge you, and once more skate around the question at hand. Well, Lolly, let's look in the mirror, shall we?

Lolly's High Art

As you can see, he is a fully qualified art critic appreciator.

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