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lolscenequeens is a community of 16-year-old girls on livejournal dedicated to poking fun at "scene queens", young women of various ages who are internet famous for modeling, photography, or their involvment, however minimal, in the music scene. Scene queens are essentially camwhores with better perks. Forms of lols include photomanips, pic spams, away messages, fake MySpace, and more. It can be abbreviated either "LOLSQ" or "LSQ", both of which are used and accepted.

lolscenequeens originated when drama whores disasterisk (Laurie) and tornadowatch (Hannah) decided there should be a community where people could lol at the scene queens in an ass-kissing free environment. Their member list grew exponentially, eventually encompassing the scene queens themselves.

lolscenequeens should not be confused with "loliscenequeens", the young prima donnas of not4chan.

LSQ vs. VWT '06

Typical lolscenequeens user.
Typical lolscenequeens content.

The first dramatic event to take place in lolscenequeens was LSQ vs. VWT '06, a not-so-elaborate feud orchestrated by Torey (viawentztop mod screwthunder), Hannah, and Laurie. The feud was created to draw attention to lolscenequeens and to attract and entice new members. The entire thing lasted only hours because it was just poorly orchestrated internet drama.


The rosevest crap started when lj user star_ship posted a picture of Panic! At the Disco's Ryan Ross wearing a rose-adorned vest and said he was her favorite scene queen. She received the highly acclaimed best post ever award for her efforts. However, the rosevest phenomenon grew and grew until he was christened the official lolscenequeens mascot. Spinoffs inluded Team Alysia Rosevest, one of the only instances where a scene queen provided something lol to the community. This also paved the way for the rosevest to have it's own livejournal and myspace accounts, and the lj community rosevestftw. After careful deliberation, the rosevest was banned from lolscenequeens except for certain instances when it's still too lol to pass up. However, the rosevest is considered a taboo topic and should be avoided at all costs under penalty of ban_set. Rosevests is one of the first real old memes in the Fall Out Boy/Panic! At The Disco livejournal scene, hence the excitement in putting it to rest. Multiple times. As with everything at lolscenequeens, this was really just the work of attention whores.

TL;DR: Some girls try to be clever with something involving Panic! At the Disco, and end up showing how totally awesome and creative they are.

The Drama Continues

Shortly after lolscenequeens opened, primary scene queens Jac Vanek and Audrey Kitching (known for alleged heterosexual relationships with members of Panic! At The Disco) had a falling out, creating Scene Queen Smackdown '06. This event gave rise to team icons - lj icons that proclaimed who's team the lj user was on. Most icons were for nonexistent teams such as Team Brick Tamland or Team Jeanae. Scene Queen Smackdown '06 ended when it got boring. Team Icons, while still slightly lol, are discouraged and frowned upon because they tend to make the user look like they're clinging to past amusements. Team icons also enjoyed popularity around the same time, as Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and old friend/attention whore "Hey Chris!" were engaged in a large arguement over which of the two was further propagating the homosexual agenda.

More Drama, aka LOLSQ vs. Hanna Beth

Since the scene queens were in the community some people thought they were being "wicked awesome" by the trolling the scene queens. This in fact turned out to be a lame move as it almost resulted in the permanent closure of lolscenequeens. Hannah and Laurie posted goodbyes to everyone and the community was deleted. It reopened a day later because Hannah and Laurie were filled with boredom. Scene queen Hanna Beth is blamed by some for the temporary closure but it wasn't anyone's fault in particular. It did, however, result in the immediate ban of all scene queens to curb increase ass kissing and other forms of retardation.

Lurking the Lurkers

In the wee hours of July 17th, 2006, it was revealed that semi-scene queen Zui Suicide (not her real name, obv) was still lurking lolscenequeens. Most people just loled because the whole idea of it was pretty stupid. Most members do not know who she is or why she is still on the internet, but find great many lolz in the things she says and does. She is widely believed to be obsessed with lolscenequeens and has been instructed to get a life, stat.


— Obviously written by one of the lovely ladies, in an attempt to be a classy individual and take things up to her higher standards.

The Future Of Lolscenequeens

Lolscenequeens is offically closed, but has been reopened under the title efagz.

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