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lolterrorism is a troll account created Last Thursday on Furaffinity that caused epic lulz and drama with its offensive submissions depicting 9/11, a laugh at terrorism and Martin Luther King proclaiming he has a Dreamiscicle.

Amazingly, an account that would have otherwise been banned immediately, strictly for the flooding and content alone, lasted an impressive 24 hours before one of the FA admins decided to take a rest from fapping to Krystal scat porn and search for violations.

However, the lulz continue, as noone thought to delete said submissions from the servers. Lol. A month later, the submissions were finally taken down. We will nevar forget.

Noone is really sure who created the account. But it is for certain the troll still lurks the shadows of FA with their proxy of doom, waiting to cause a similar uproar in the near future.

The Reaction

Wii will always remember. Caused a furry uproar on FA

Of the many reactions to the troll most were actually users laughing and/or praising the crude depiction of 9/11. Although for most, their spelling was enough to make Grammar Nazi Tora rip out his brainstem and use the blood and fluids to cross out and otherwise correct said errors.

Other comments included one furry complaining how offensive the pictures were, however, nobody gave a shit because their spelling could only make us assume they received their diploma from I Can Haz Cheezburger, and another acting like he's a professional on the internet hate machine.

Lulz Gallery


Several spinoff accounts were made in honor of lolterrorism including lolterrorism2, lolterror3, lolterror4, lolterror20, lolterror21, lolterror200, and lolterror210. All promptly trolled FA, but some were unfortunately given a quick username ban.

We will nevar forget

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