Look what I found

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Phrase often followed by an old meme, crapflood, or simply something stupid. Invented in 2108 a.d. by attention whores, it will always be the newest way to call attention to one's own self-importantses. Trolls, being of sound internets mind and knowing that everything on the internets is automatically old meme, should reply with "i was there," thereby defeating the entire purpose of "look what I found!" Also used as sarcasm, mimicking the posters excitement at finding something noone has EVAR S33N B 4!

Other forms, by self-importance level

  1. LWIF!11!
  2. LWIJF - look what I just found. "just" means that it's new
  3. LWIFF - look what I fucking found, possibly implying that the "find" is shocking
  4. WIFF! - Which I fucking found, used when someone posted something that you "found"