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Professional modeling pictures from Lorac.
An evil rat planning to sneeze on a baby and give it tuberculosis.
Lorac Black uses her crudely drawn furries to represent herself as a furry and fight back the animal rights terrorists (and the voices)

Lj-favicon.png lorac_black is a LiveJournal user who believes herself to be an elven otherkin.

Fun times in the magical forest

Lorac is married to a man who believes that he is a unicorn, though he may be a figment of her imagination, since they share the same exact writing style and spelling errors. At age 26, Lorac is obsessed with My Little Ponies and horses, which may explain her desire to have a man and a horse all rolled into one husband.

She also types in what one can only assume is supposed to be nasal elfspeak, and is fond of using an annoying emphatic "OWW" instead of just saying "oh" like a normal person who isn't trying to be special would. In fact, she is such a hardcore elf otherkin that she believes that she has a special relationship with trees and can speak to them. One post on her Lj-favicon.png elves shows her doing exactly this.

Skin deep

She is a proponent of eugenics and has been quoted as saying that "ugly people are ugly because nature does not want them to breed." She believes that she is a fashion model, overwhelmingly beautiful and intelligent, and has many Quizilla test results archived that prove her right, in case you are foolish enough to not believe her. She has said in one memorable argument that she was once offered top dollar for her egg cells.

In IRL, she has modeled at department-store shows, the most common venue for a person with decent but not outstanding looks. According to her own online resume and a five-second Google search, she worked with an internet fly-by-night modeling agency that took everyone's money, promised to make them big stars, and promptly went out of business.

She has a personal site with many vomit-inducing articles in which she talks in third person about herself, extolling her virtues as a model, artist, cook, and web designer, all illustrated by art that is worse than anything on VCL and snapshots that look like scans of old Polaroids from 1984.

Animal rights

Lorac is opposed to animal rights, to such an extent that it's the only thing she talks about besides herself. Opposing the idiots at PETA is one thing, but Lorac is convinced that anyone who thinks being nice to animals is generally a good idea is part of some shadowy terrorist organization out to enshrine rhesus monkeys as the kings of mankind.

She feels so strongly about this, in fact, that she created an entire persona to articulate her views. It seems she has a "sister" who works at Johns Hopkins, studying tuberculosis in lab rats, but Lorac got a little overconfident about her ability to fool people and asserted that "Rats are ideal for tuberculosis study because they can't sneeze and therefore can't spread it."

Actually, rats are able to sneeze (it's vomiting they can't do), and the good people over in Lj-favicon.png rattieowners, having had sneezing rats before, trolled the bejesus out of her until she threw a fit and got her "sister" to take time out of her day of research to write her an email verifying her own claims. The lulz were many for the few watching.

She has claimed more than a few times that animal rights organizations present a greater threat to Americans than Islamic terrorists, and that our government should get its priorities straight. She has written letters to her congressman about this (he hasn't responded yet). She blames liberal guilt as the driving force behind every bad thing that occurs in America, with "liberal" meaning anyone who doesn't love the Iraq War, racial profiling, or art that is incompetent even by furry standards. Unsurprisingly, she says that she has a million trolls who bother her about her views, but we will never be able to view the posts because all of her journals only allow friends to post.

Lorac loves fur and does not view it as wasteful killing. She is a fan of seal clubbing, and has said before that there is nothing wrong with killing cats for fur even though she keeps a sappy pet LJ for her own cat. She maintains a community for promoting positive attitudes towards women who are so emaciated that they look like they have some sort of internal worm problem, yet at the same time picks on the president of PETA for being skinny. There has been no press release addressing whether or not Ingrid Newkirk cares about what the Elves of Puppy-Kicking Island think of her.


Lorac Black plans to lawsuit the hell out of this article:

Thanks, I read their disclaimer, and now I have a way to subpoena your actual home address and name, and to press charges against you. Ow, not to mention blatant violation of copyright laws in regards to a registered Limited Liability Corperation.


—Two years later, and no lawsuit... funny, that.

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