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Someone needs to tell her to TITS OR GTFO.
Oh, there we go.
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An internets sensation 5 years in the making, the sordid story of Louise Ogborn is an epic tale of professional trolling, security cam porn, horny exterminators, and a complete and utter lack of common sense. Pretty much par for the course considering it all started at a McDonalds in Kentucky...

At the center of this recent shitstorm is, of course, 4chon.

How it all went down

In late February, an Anon posting on 4chan's /hc/ board admitted that he couldn't stop fapping to a YouTube video of ABC's in-depth interview of Louise Ogborn, a young lady who had been epically trolled to the point of being forced to go down on an old fat dude while naked and under surveillance. In the ABC investigation they showed video footage from the McDonald's security camera where Ogborn worked, wherein she's naked, doing jumping jacks, and all sorts of other zany antics. This security footage was censored, naturally, because to the Americunt press, freedom of speech is a lot like Jesus - Sacred but imaginary. OP requested uncensored security cam footage. As usual, thousands of his fellow cancer patients screamed for MOAR or pathetically begged for the original sauce, but noone came forward with anything useful.

For five minutes.


To the rejoicing of many, one brave Anon - claiming to have worked for the prosecution in the case - posted a rapidshit link to the original untainted, uncensored video. What followed was the shitting of many bricks followed by a mass fap-fest so fevered it could be heard even in Antarctica.

PROTIP: Get this one, really.

Then who was phone?

BACK THE FUCK UP! Why did this bitch get naked in a McDonald's in the first place, you ask? As it turns out, someone called her and told her to do it.

You heard right. In 2004 professional sick fuck David "I did it for the lulz" Stewart, a correctional officer at a prison, managed to impersonate a cop, called the McDonald's where the young hawtie worked, and told the manager that she had been breaking stuff and stealing things. Stewart convinced the manager to make Ogborn strip down to "reveal the stolen goods", because apparently the manager cared enough that one of her employees might be stealing from a McDonald's. That or the manager's a busted-down old whore who was jealous of the delicious teen ass under her supervision.

Making this case a particularly lulzy one is the involvement of manager Donna Summers' tubby fiancee. Summers phoned her fiancee Walter Nix, asking him to come in to 'help' with the situation. She handed the phone to him and told him not to let Ogborn out of his sight. Then Summers left the two of them alone. The merry prankster on the other end of the line realized he had hooked a big one, and instructed Nix to force Ogborn to suck his cock.

Sort of like in the UK when a manager of a restaurant raped a 13 year old girl, and then froze her to death in a freezer after her mom sold her to him as a sex slave.


— Sort of like that.

My parents told me, when an adult tells ya to do somethin', ya do it, even if they slap ya on the hand...


— Louise talking about her upbringing. They sure are intelligent down there in Kentucky.

He told me if I loved this job, if I wanted to keep this job, then I would do as he said.


Louise clearly loved her job as a McDonald's cashier.

In the end

Of course at first glance any normal person would assume that Louise was just a naive girl so paralyzed by fear that she didn't try to resist, but was that really the case, or was it all just as planned? In early October of 2007 Louise won her lawlsuit, and although it wasn't for the over 200 million she asked for, she still ended up banking a cold 6.1 mil from the three hour ordeal.

The new Holy Grail

Despite the fact that the video released on /hc/ was very win, the legions of Anonymous are anything but satisfied. This is because the vidya is just a small portion of a larger whole, and does not include the blowjob that Ogborn gave her manager's fat-ass fiancee. Apparently, Anonymous is not content to watch a tight-bodied 18 year-old girl being forced to spread her legs, masturbate, and bend herself into all sorts of flexible positions on seekrit camera. It takes the introduction of a 240 lb sweating, balding, hairy man to really get their cocks hard.

The Anon who released the uncensored video has stated that he doesn't want to get into legal trouble, the big pussy, and has gone to ground. The internets has yet to hear from him again, leaving 4channers desperately searching for the blowjob footage while fapping to their standard diet of CP, camwhores, and other people's girlfriends.

Only a pervert would want to watch an innocent young girl being spanked and forced to perform lewd sex acts!


Concerned mother

I will kill myself if I can't get the video.


— Anonymous gets a little melodramatic.

Anons await the rest of the new Holy Grail.

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