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Alex Jones and his rebels having a Love Revolution.

The RƎVO˩UTION (pronounced Love Revolution, R-Love-Ution, or some other retarded way) is the orgy wetdream of Alex Jones and his left-winged rebels. Believing they are unjacked from The Matrix of Evil, they insist they are dedicated to exposing corruption, lies, and overall hypocrisy.

But like all conspiracy theorists, the rebels of this RƎVO˩UTION are hypocrites themselves, and this article will uncover the truth behind their lies.

1,000,000 Americans for Ron Paul 2012

  • Yet despite constantly insisting the common folk are powerless against the Bilderberg Group, the rebels continue to insist they should vote for a man who is not even running for President.

No More Freedom of Speech

As much as the rebels enjoy insisting their freedom of speech is being taken away and they are being silenced, they fail to realize they are still speaking. They insist the government


So then why are these conspiracy theorists allowed to live, preach, and walk free? Why are they not taken away by our tax dollars at work, ala Scanner Darkly?

63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read

For $25, you can learn how to kill people and get a bonus 62 declassified government documents which are already available for free in the public domain. While you’re at it, spend money on more RƎVO˩UTION weapons! These rebels want to help people “wake up,” at the cost of enough money to keep Alex Jones nice and plump for when the SS arrive to take him away. This is like Neo charging people for the Red Pill.

Be sure to pick up your $50 tin foil hat at the check-out.


Of course, everyone knows the only way to fight the system is to drop the fucking moon on the planet.

So continue fighting the good fight, Johnny Reb.

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