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Learn to noun, like will verb again, is a common internet catchphrase. It is used to pwn someone, often used in a flame war.

Sometimes abbreviated l2noun, but more commonly as LRN2 NOUN.


  • Prima: you're mother
    • Secunda: omfg plz learn to grammar.
  • Prima: Oh, that's such a great article Eagon wrote about me on the encyclopedia dramatica
  • Prima: How do I find my home page?
  • Prima: Happy Caturday!
    • Secunda: But it's Sunday. Wtf.
      • Triata: Secunda, Lrnto calendar you dumb cunt.

See also

learntotexas.livejournal.com, a faggoty livejournal where every post is written in "pretty cool guy" format.


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