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Gender: Unknown

LucidFox is the Wikia and Freenode Chief Ambassador to ED IRC. He thinks he is a furry but he's just an anime foxboy; he should grow moar fur. His lack of furry is even more obvious when one notes his lack of (open) homosexuality. He is also Russian.

Learn to spell Uncyclopedia and then enlarge your penis please.

Is he logging this?


Is he pretty fucked up?

Yes. LucidFox, like our furry friend Duke Otterland, is both bisexual and anti-gay marriage. Yet, unlike the Duke, LucidFox is seriously clever because he likes Wikipedia.

LucidFox calls himself straight; whenever he finds himself wanting to think about guys in that special way, he imagines himself as a girl, a girl named Maia. And now he dresses up like one. Because somehow, that makes it still straight. Somehow.

Is he pedantic?


Anyone who speaks fluent Orwellian Newspeak is not only a grade A pedant, they are a cock. For the record and to show that we at ED are not impressed by faggotry of this magnitude a translation is: Encyclopaedia Dramatica is totally fucking awesome. If I had a bigger cock I'd tap ED in that ass. LOLDONGS.


Despite his positive stance regarding the GFDL and Linux, Sikon has a proprietary attitude towards his precious material. He tried to treat Wookieepedia as if it was his private domain. His typical response to any disagreement was to insist his way, or he would pack up and go home, taking his necessary technical expertise with him. [1] [2] During January 2008 he killed his account due to anti-furry remarks the community made against him on the wikia IRC channel.

The Desura incident

In 2012, LucidFox appeared on the Desura forums with a list of totally valid complaints about Desura.

  1. Desura had poor Linux support.
  2. Desura was something, something, bla bla.
  3. Desura asked users to pick a gender when signing up, and didn't have an "Other" option.

Guess which one turned into epic butthurt?

The Desura forums mostly ignored the whining. Henley, the big cheese admin, smartly told LucidFox a gender hidden option would be added at some point in the future. Ambient Malice, a generic user, kept stirring the pot by licking Henley's anus and falling over himself to agree with his position on whether whether websites should be allowed to ask whether their users are boys or girls. Eventually LucidFox got extremely butthurt over the fact the admins wouldn't bend over backwards and suck their own dicks, (or lick their own slits) and so departed, swearing never to return.

And nobody cared.


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