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Also written as "lulzbat", a lulbat is a bat that has been taught to LUL. The lulbat is feared by all humans and animals especially the faggots on youtube.

The feared lulbat.

History of the lulbat

Created Last Thursday years ago by the ex owner of the bat, who is known to be an evil communist. The evil communist got pissed off when his neighbor had a parrot who harassed him anally every morning when he was on his way to his top-secret communist job, so he trained the lulbat to get back on his neighbor.

However, the lulbat once hid in the communist's car and got to his job. The lulbat jumped into a nuclear reactor and mutated into a fucking huge bat with a fucking annoying voice.

The lulbat now roams freely and hunts for lulz on the internet to feed his insatiable hunger.

Lulbats today

'If you keep touching your pee pee then the lulbat will bite it off!' is something used by parents to keep their kids from touching their genitals in public.

Lulbat charges

The lulbat has been charged several times of sexually harassing children, and quite a few times, CP pictures have been found on the lulbats computer. However, the lulbat's defense was that he did it for the lulz, which immediately freed him of any charges.

Lulbats on the internet

An emo after being visited by a lulbat.

Using the phrase I can see lulbats the size of Boeing planes swarming that post is a forum flame post used by bald guys. It's a way of stating that something is not funny.

Lulbats > lollersk8rs.

Lulbats > furry.

Lulbats > fatties.

Calling a person a 'lulbat' means that person is funny.

A lulbat can spread the lulz faster than syphilis spreads at a rock festival.

What the lulbat likes

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