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This article defines official ED Policy.

At ED we archive the lulz. This means that we are attempting to create a full archive of dramatic internet happenings and all the things that relate to them. Popular quizzes, memes, internet personalities, language used on the internet, common subcultures found on the web, famous flames, message boards, websites, legendary threads, celebrities involved in internet drama, image macros, internet pics, crazy and funny stuff on the internet - all of these are welcome and wanted on ED.

Articles making fun of your neighbour or dealing with 17th century french literature that has nothing to do with the internet probably aren't going to last long at ED. If you want to make fun of something no one has heard of, you'll need to add links and examples to your article to illustrate how it is internet-related and worthy of an article at ED. We're not looking to re-create the content of other wikis out there that aim merely for humor. We want internet humor and all of the things listed above.

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