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Were you looking for the old lulzcast ? - We stole their name lol

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In an obvious money making ploy, as transparent as it is unlikely to succeed, the retards on the Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums decided to revive the long dead youtube channel belonging to the site, with a rehash of the even longer dead lulzcast.

The show is a bunch of shut-ins having an unplanned and unscripted talk about month-old news on a weekly basis in an attempt to churn out content with whoever from the forum is online at the moment, in lieu of any willingness to put any effort into what they're doing and with a complete lack of the humor or insight that might make anyone want to actually tune in. The topics range from "aren't feminists just stupid?" to "aren't feminists just stupid?". So if you follow anyone of the anti-feminists on JewTube, you already know about the exact topics that Oddguy of Akkad will bring up and the show ends up not being watched by anyone.

The original lulzcast was a shitshow watched and promoted exclusively by EDiots that lasted a measly two "seasons", spanning a mere 5 episodes each, and left behind nothing but a bunch of dead links, a similarly named (but otherwise unrelated) podcast and a promise on its article that it will be back airing new episodes soon that has remained untouched since it was put up in 2011, which is nowhere near as long as the current participants in this dreg has been untouched.

Despite having no idea what the old podcast contains or what it was like, the new Lulzcast manages to somehow be even worse with constant bickering, technical issues, no proper recording equipment and long spells of autistic silence on air.


Episode 1

Cast: oddguy, uberfukken, atomic joe, vood and sibin

Topics: Nintendo Switch, PissGate, Dave Kelly, jewish settlements, Berkeley university Milo Yiannopoulos protest

The first episode was already a telling sign of things to come when zaiger fell of the wagon hours prior to the show and was too drunk to come on. Everyone was forced to trick him into taking a nap and hoping he doesn't wake up and call his replacement... who was also passed out drunk (at 4 in the afternoon). With no alternative, the cast was forced to call on our tech guy sibin, who they could not confirm beforehand can actually speak English, since none of the hosts are able to formulate a sentence.

So began the legacy of the new lulzcast.

Episode 2

Cast: Sugar bombs, zaiger, radah, cock and vood
Topics: ?????

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What you get when you ask the autists on the forum to make you a logo.

Atomic Joe made the wise choice bailed last second, oddguy's internet gracefully cut out minutes before airing, and because no one else prepared anything the stream devolved into 90 minutes of autistic stuttering and it was agreed to never speak of it again. This is still considered to be the best stream.

Episode 3

Cast: oddguy, sugar bombs, zaiger, rodion and cock
Topics: Kiwi Farms shutting down, Shia LaBeouf being divided, shit talking about Sargon of Akkad and Romeo Rose.

The episode begins with nearly two minutes of people trying to realize who has no headphones on/didn't mute the stream and oddguy yelling at them (despite being one of the people in question). Joe once again made the smart choice of not showing up and cock was not aware that his mic was turned off during the whole shitshow. Quality content as always.

Episode 4

Cast: zaiger, oddguy, radah, fleacollarindustry, Atomic Joe
Topics: Is milk racist?, Dear White People, russia decriminalizing wife beating

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Our original and more... (((authentic))) logo.

A new low was reached when it started an hour late because the retards couldn't get their shit together and it took them more than an hour to do one simple thing as pressing broadcast, while oddguy was busy getting repeatedly disconnected from the chat due to being carpet bombed. A collective realization is reached that the constant fumbling is more interesting than anything actually talked about on the show.

Episode 5

Cast: zaiger, oddguy, fleacollarindustry, Atomic Joe and emmi
Topics: BeCandid, Shia... again, Faggot of the Year Award, PewDiePie nazi drama

We discuss the important news of Shia LaBouf moving to New Mexico, PewDiePie being a Nazi and then oddguy spends over 30 minutes talking shit about various anti-SJW youtubers he don't like no more boring everyone to sleep.

Episode 6

Cast: oddguy, fleacollarindustry, Atomic Joe, Uberfukken and Weezus Christ
Topics: Joe cuts off his own finger, Shia gets divided yet again, Is Milo a pedo?

This week we play the exiting "mystery game" as oddguy's unstable internet connection is once again stupidly used to host the stream and it's a mystery of when it will cut out. The answer ends up being - after about 30 minutes. Not that anyone noticed. Weezus is declared our new news correspondent who will relate to us news "from the street" as he puts it that turn out to be the ramblings of a madman. So exactly like Paul Joseph Watson

Episode 7

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The chat reacts to episode 7

Cast: oddguy, fleacollarindustry, Atomic Joe, Zaiger and Rodion
Topics: 20 minutes of telling J.K Rowling to kill herself

On episode 8 we fuck up in a new an exiting way by getting over excited and ending the stream moments after starting it, resulting in a 3.5 second long video.
It is widely agreed to be our best episode by far.

Recurring segments

Fake News: Oddguy reads 3 stupid news headlined and makes people try to guess which one is fake. The answer is always "none of them".

Cock's Dating Advice: We pretend our retarded slavic friend is a girl and ask him for dating tips. Then he spergs out at us.

Learning to read: Oddguy reads garbage he found online to try and improve american literacy.


  • Oddguy - The main host. Is barely able to speak English. Has the world's worst internet connection, so it would only make sense that he should be the one hosting, since it is inevitable that his connection will be bombed.
  • Atomic Joe - The American. Tried it first, before wisely bailing twice only to once again stupidly return.
  • Cock - Is literally so boring and unimportant that he does entire shows with his mic turned off and nobody cares. When he finally remembered people still didn't care.
  • Sibin - English motherfucker, do you speak it? The answer is no.
  • Zaiger - Has the smooth silky voice of a 12 year old boy. Contributes nothing except being a punching bag for the rest of the group.
  • Radah - A 45 year old woman living with her cats. Extremely unfunny, and sounds like she smoked 40 packs of cigarettes a day.
  • Sugar Bombs - Yet another girl whose only contributions to this garbage is insulting Oddguy. While that is a worthwhile cause, her insults are as flat as her chest.
  • Fleecollarindustry - The only Asian that doesn't know how to work hard. Somehow the worst of the group, despite nobody actually knowing which of the hosts is him.

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It was really bad, I shouldn't have listened



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