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Luring is a tactic used by trolls and assholes on many a MMORPG. It's a multi-step process:

  1. Scammer befriends a naive newbie;
  2. Scammer either lures the newbie into an area populated by many dangerous monsters, or into an area where player-killing is allowed;
  3. Newbie gets owned, scammer lols and takes any loot dropped;
  4. Laughs are had all round, and another pint of booze is ordered;

Child luring

Chris hansen watchingyoumirror.jpg

Pedophiles use a very similar tactic with children:

  1. Pedo befriends a naive child;
  2. Pedo either lures the newbie into an area where they are alone, or into an area where the pedo can kidnap them;
  3. Child gets a sexual experience they can brag about to all the virgins in their school, pedo lols and takes any innocence dropped;
  4. Child grows up to be either gay or a stripper;

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