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You may also be looking for the BMW M3, a German Car by the same name.

Created at least a hundred years ago, Mega Man Mush (Or M3, as everyone calls it) was based on the early Mega Man/Rock Man games and Ruby Spears Cartoon series of the same name. Almost all of the Mega Man-based games have been shoe-horned into the plot, (some really badly, like Legends and MM Zero) creating a giant mass of confuxticated shit.


The Nightmare begins

Long ago, there was a giant whale-like creature (descended from Frost giants) called Cherna, who sought to engulf the owners BBW girlfriend Gemma, and become the ultra-Buttertroll. And so, she raged against the machine and was banned numerous times, only to ban-evade and come back as numerous characters, for the sole purpose of ruining the game on said staffers, which she accomplished quite readily. The game itself is now a rotting corpse of what it once was, and will remain so, until the day of Ragnarok when the entire place collapses on the weight of Leo's (the owner) badfic/TPs.

How to play on M3

M3 has its own intricate stat-based combat system, the aborted progeny of past Transformers games. There are many choices of characters on M3, however, only the Maverick Hunter faction has any characters with stats worth playing, so just app those. Because the admins dictate which characters succeed in any sort of combat or plot (their favorites at the time) none of the other factions, including the villains (Mavericks) ever win since Leo took over.

The basis of the game is to get pwnt by Buster users, a statistical advantage given out to mod characters (such as Alia) to ensure victory and largening of E-penis.

Notable (lulzy) players

  • Khroan: A mentally-imbalanced 16-year old girl who moonlights as either hating Cherna to death, or being her bestest buddy. Also fagged around with characters on Robot Wars Mush, the abortion spawn of M3 made by XSM. Is a scary monster furry.
  • TGH: Also known as, The Green Herring, is a psycho-faggot furry who is a master-idler and is in possession of the fabled foot-long cock of Armored Armadillo, granted to him by Delilah from Tiny Sparkles Mush. He will sit on the latter game and harrass players into cyber-sexxing him until they either A) Log-off, or B) Self-pwn, spraying blood and bone splinters all over the computer screen.
  • Popes: Is one of many amusing examples of internet tough guys playing effeminate and girly badass characters on M3, such as Zero, or Bass. On M3, he will act as said internet tough guy, but on other games, he will behave and be a complete wuss, otherwise he will get banhammered.

The mods

Meet your director.
  • Leo: The king and supreme warlord of the Mush, Leo is a 30-year old skinhead with an extreme G.I. Joe and Oldskool Transformer fetish. Through feigned attempts at intellectualism, he has driven the game's story into the ground with the story posts which he writes himself. His decision making is as thus: I said so, or Gemma said so and I have no dick.
  • Gemma: The Preferred diet of buttertrolls such as Cherna, she is basically the one running the game, and all her chars indirectly have total power ingame through her. Dislikes it when anyone else is more special special than her. Once attempted to become the world's best artist but horribly failed when everyone was too busy fapping to art drawn by Cherna.
  • Cygnus: There used to another Cygnus, who was still the Repliforce Staffer, but he left because he couldn't code his way out of a HTML .img tag. The new one busily spends his time coding things to fix bugs which have been around since forever ago and never been fixed by the old one.
  • Mesarthim: Livejournal addicted Robot Master staffer, (the weakest faction on the game) and Evangelion-freak. It is said that years ago, Mesarthim was almost pwned by a van which hit him/her while he was walking on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, he survived and now serves as Gemma's pet, staffing the Robot Masters so he doesn't have to herself. Actually a guy but plays as female characters, which all happen to end up being giant lesbians in the end.
  • Io: A useless faggot, given the task of staffing the joke of a faction, Neo Arcadia. Did his best to make all of the Neo Arcadia characters under-statted and useless, since Leo obviously hates the Mega Man Zero games because it is not oldskool, in Transfan-ish rage. Now staffs the Hunter faction because nobody else will staff it since Leo's wonderfully and totally awesomely fucking cool TP screwed it over in the ass.
  • Draco: Self professed furry, he staffs the Maverick Hunters with an iron paw and once, along with Leo, made a Rock (Mega Man) player give up the character because he lived in the United Kingdom and thus was not online at times that suited their liking. Is an extreme-dramawhore, as well. Plays jokes on Scorpio, which, causes Scorpio to go into an blinding rage.
  • Scorpio: Nobody likes him. Director of Videoland MUSH. Unless you are female, or have the most fucked up stats in the game, or a huge lesbian with giant boobs, your application will immediately be rejected. There is no point in trying to get him to help you with anything, because all he does is look at art Cherna has drawn and tell you to to fix it yourself.

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