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I've just realized that all women are whores who'd rather fuck tattoo-covered felons than nice guys like me. I'm going to get revenge on them by never having sex with them again!


Typical MGTOWer.

The average MGTower.

MGTOW is an internet acronym that stands for Men Going Their Own Way. It is essentially the male equivalent to radical feminism, and is considered part of the online "Manosphere" which also includes many Men's Rights Activists and Pick-up Artists. Like Andrea Dworkin and other feminazis who inspired the movement, MGTOW mainly consists of unemployed obese slobs, autistics, mouth-breathers, 4chan neckbeards, anime porn aficionados, 40 year old virgins, Bronies, Oedipal syndromers, sex offenders, and otherwise unfuckable males who think that women are the root of all evil, and whine about how weak and helpless they are to the wiles of "female manipulation"; frothing with anger about how women won't fuck them just because they don't appreciate how "nice" they are; completely in denial of the fact that even Howard from "The Big Bang Theory" is more sexually appealing than them. They also have a Japanese equivalent known as "herbivore males". Basically you're dealing with a group of 30-something year old single males who never emotionally developed beyond the "girlz have teh cooties!" phase in their lives.


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MGTOW: a broken road

MGTOW members fall into one of two camps: the ones who got fed up with being a "nice guy" (aka a complete pussy) after they found their girlfriend in bed with the pizza boy or Chad, and have decided to forgeo conventional marriage and relationships and become a jerk or a PUA to bang as many sluts as possible (because everyone knows women love jerks). Or the ones who advocate abstaining from women entirely; essentially a male equivalent to the lesbian separatists. The saddest part about these freaks is that they pretend they're foregoing women by choice, when in reality they were forced there and have had an easier time getting a restraining order than they have a date - and proudly proclaim that they're punishing women by "going their own way", when they were about as desired to begin with as a sandpaper rectal enema. One of the most cliched gripes you'll hear from MGTOWers is how women constantly bang douchebags, bad boys, even serial killers over "nice guys". The irony is totally lost on them that they're basically flat-out acknowledging that even Charles Manson has more sex appeal than them. MGTOWers' so-called activism centers around a collection of pitiful forums and websites such as, and have infiltrated the dating and relationship sections of larger websites such as as well.

MGTOWers often use terms like "simp" and "pussy begger" in an attempt to shame men who choose not live alone in their basement and act like shameless creeps, based on the ideology that men who try to be attractive to women are making themselves submissive to female control; this runs counterpart with the ideology of the radical feminists who cry that "all sex is rape" and choose not to shave their pits to "liberate" themselves from patriarchal submission. (Word is that George Clooney was deeply hurt when MGTOW made him realize what a shameless slave to women's desires he was, and he has immediately decided to forgeo any future sex with supermodels in exchange for a fulfilling life of masturbation and Minecraft addiction... not.)

Long story short, it's just a way for perpetual masturbators who couldn't get laid to save an aborted fetus's life to pretend like they're participating in some revolutionary social change by choosing to spend their Saturday nights in their mom's basement beating off to their nude MS Paint drawings of "Totally Spies". Not surprisingly many of them also mirror the views of the "fat feminism" movement and whine about "fatscrimination" - apparently they think that a fat Minecraft addict who can't even see his penis is "entitled" to be liked by hot chicks as long as he's a "nice, sensitive guy". Next to NAMBLA activists and SJWs, a more cringeworthy male specimen is hard to find on the internet. Even Bronies manage to have sex more often. while these guys even get friend-zoned by their right hand.

One semi-notable MGTOW is the schizophrenic murderer Elliot Rodger, who posted on the MGTOW site Rodger went on a mass shooting spree and became an hero in 2014, finally snapping from the realization that girls preferred dating douchebags to sensitive psychopaths like himself.


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Sites and Forums

  • MGTOW reddit
  • Sluthate, formerly known as PUAHate, which was home to the mass murderer and self-declared "nice guy" Elliot Rodger.
  • Sluthate's shitty wiki
  • The Red Pill Room
  • A Voice For men - Slightly more vanilla than the other sites listed here, basically the mansophere equivalent to your run-of-the-mill feminist or SJW site where whiny, emo men go to whine about how mean women are to them and avoid triggers
  • MGTOW Forums, a grouchy old site with a long history of summarily banhammering trolls, incels, conspiracy theorists, and wimminz. Oh, and that guy who couldn't stop talking about sexbots is currently engaged in a flame war with AVFM, said war was mainly being caused by the incels who were kicked off the forum. JAFO
  • Sandman MGTOW, some whiny HS-age kid living with his mom, and embarrassingly one of the most important "voices" of the movement. It honestly never occurs to these adult males that the fact they take advice on women from some underage kid with a webcam is the reason they can't get laid (not counting all of the other obvious reasons)
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