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The MLK Day Raid (Martin Luther King Day Raid) was yet another raid on habbo hotel. With most of the raids failing, most saw it as just another failure waiting to happen. However it was an epic success. There were at least 100 groups of fags who attempted to stop the nigras, however raiders from poolsclosed, 4chan, 7chan, YTMND, ebaumsworld, SomethingAwful, Newgrounds and Gaia Online valiantly plowed over each and every one of them.

The Theater dome

With Martin Luther King day close at hand, the nigras saw it as a perfect opportunity to make a stand against the racist habbo staff and especially that bitchdyke MOD-Cleo. The nigras proudly flooded into the theater dome, shouting chants and memes while putting Dr. King up on stage and filling every seat in the room. The whities attempted to assassinate Dr. King, but unfortunately saying *shots Martn Loother King in hed w/ ak47* doesn't actually hurt anyone.

I have a meme

The theater dome was restarted at least 100 times, in an effort to demoralize the nigras, however after every restart things had gone back to ruination in less than two minutes.

The Pool Deck

The pool deck had also gone to ruination, it was flooded with nigras, forming blockades and Berlinwalls left and right. The pool was permanently closed that night. A swastiget was attempted but unfortunately YTMND front page fags managed to ruin every one of them by leaving nigras standing in the wrong spots and deforming the swastiget.

The pool deck was also restarted several times.

half-win swasti

Everywhere else

The rest of the hotel was thrown into total ruination in the nigras protest against habbo's blatant racism and their minimal concern for the AIDS in the pool.

The only good swastiget was formed in the picnic area, because the picnic tables provide an idiot-proof swastiget zone.


A new level

Some HC accounts were phished, and then stolen. One was being passed around IRC like a loli in a pedobear festival. HC faggots did NOT see that one coming.


The Aftermath

As the raid was winding down, the nigras looked at the aftermath of what they had done. Unfortunately, in the way of newly censored words, it had been fruitless. No newly-censored words (yet), no hotel restarts. However, there were a few semi-wins, including one room-ban, dozens of room-restarts, hundreds of b& nigras, and a message sent after one of the room restarts, stating that Martin Luther King would not approve of the raid.


However, the redeeming thing about this raid was that it came close to the proportions of the epic Great Habbo Raid of July 12th, 2006.

Isn't it funny the PC lefty libs want to do away with Christmas and Columbus Day? greatest.racist. You can get a day off any Jewish holiday (every Friday afternoon/Saturday). But it doesn't always work. MLK Day is a holiday for those who believe in the second coming of the messiah.

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