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Warna Brotha! FACT ALERT:
Just because it fits in a manilla folder doesn't mean it isn't a pile of shit.

The Macbook Air is the minimalist laptop produced by hipster computer super giant, Apple. It's named after what it becomes if you accidentally drop it about 2 feet off the floor. It's primary selling point is that It has a thickness of only 0.68 inches, much like that of an asian penis. It of course also has a shiny brushed aluminum case to draw hipsters and Macfags in. Despite having these impressive features, the laptop has proved to be totally impractical, as it lacks many of the features that real laptops have. However, because it has brushed metal, and was released by Apple, hipsters, artists, and Macfags alike wet their pants and cough up the cash for it.


Fapple's MacBook Air ad

As aforementioned, the Macbook Air is extremely thin. Unfortunately, in order to achieve this trait, Apple apparently had to remove many of the key features that define a normal laptop, like a disk drive, Ethernet port, and gigabytes of memory. Instead of actually making an extremely thin laptop, which would have been a triumphing achievement indeed, Apple simply released an $1800 shiny piece of metal. Instead of addressing their lack of true innovation, Apple has chosen to defend the MacBook Air's lack of features by claiming that such features are unnecessary or obsolete. Anyone who isn't a Macfag or hipster will realize that they are simply being baited by Apple into buying an extremely overpriced computer which isn't even a computer!. Regarding the high price of the MacBook Air, apparently you have to pay more for less features and the fact that you can have a laptop which fits in a manila folder. Sounds like a good deal, right?



Macfag Reaction

A Macbook Air making itself useful

Within seconds of the release of the MacBook Air, Macfags all of the world collectively pissed themselves and began buying them. Everyone else on the other hand, did not, and instead used their brains and saw that the Macbook Air was an overpriced piece of shit. In response to the plethora of criticisms of the MacBook Air that quickly followed its release, Macfags lined up to defend Apple's latest invention:

I don't see why everyone's in such a tizz. Yeah it's pricey and yeah it's pretty much sealed off, but I think it's great that Apple aren't afraid to take the risk. At the very least what will come out of it will be progress in general division of making laptops smaller, easier to use (mac os...) and a lot better looking. Their design is far superior to that of the competition's and you can't deny that those specs aren't decent. If you can fit leopard in a "manilla envelope", who cares about the price?


—Typical MacFag

These Macfags truly are geniuses

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