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MacRumors is a shitty site for macfags to use for masturbating to Steve Jobs announcing Apple shit. Whenever someone with nothing better to do looks through Mac OS X source code and sees something that could possibly sort of indicate a new POS that macfags could spend a few thousand dollars on, or someone with a copy of Photoshop sends in a blurry pic of a mockup product, MacRumors reports it on their front page. If they know it's fake, they will either post in on their front page anyway for the lulz or put it on their "page 2" section for no reason.

The MacRumors forums

Macfag hoping that the new $10000 iPhone will be as good as phones from at least 100 years ago.
Typical macfag commenting on rumored new iPhone
I'll buy anything if it's shiny and made by Apple and has AIDs



—Typical MacRumors Forums user

The MacRumors forums are used by idiots who discuss their need to dump their money up Jobs's ass by buying shiny crap with a picture of a fruit that lights up for over 9000 dollars.

The Moderators

The MacRumors Moderators are tighter than the asshole of Steve Jobs himself making them reminiscent of your mum. When they're not ignoring obvious trolling or smoking crack you'll find them banning you for "insults" (hilarity) and generally treating members like the 5 year olds that they are. If you are one of the few members who have managed to enter an awkward puberty and are on your last warning (you monster), ED suggests making a thread calling the mods tossers and linking to the ED offended page.

The MacRumorsLive raid

New Apple products released, courtesy of Anonymous.

The faggot admins of MacRumors forgot to put a password on the admin panel of their live feed from the last MacWorld which Steve Jobs attended, so some /g/urus decided to raid it, causing butthurt from macfags in the forums. Tip for the admins: yes, your Macs are secure, but not if you don't put a fucking password on your admin panel, you fucktard newfags. Not that we really give a shit, though, as lulz ensued and Anonymous, along with 4chan, got onto news websites and newspapers, humiliating the stupid admins of MacRumors and the staff of Apple.

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