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An example of deluded poseurs Penn and Teller.
astral WAL-MART is located right next to astral McDonalds.
Astral Wal-mart
"Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money."

"Magick" is the effete spelling of magic, now with a "k" for extra phear! "Magick" is used to demonstrate that the user is really cool; 1337; and clued in to a centuries-old tradition of real, authentic, honest-to-goodness magic, and not merely a deluded poseur.

Supporters of this aberrant spelling will be all "blah blah Jew blah blah Crowley blah blah blah", but I'm all like "talk to the hand".

Some 1337 magickians noted on Encyclopedia Dramatica include Son of Art, Usva, VampiricSpektor, AVDLB, and Nathan Satan.

List of Magickal Acts

Signs of Magick users

Types of magickians

  • Wiccan: "And so, after astral projeckting and ascending to the Nth plane, I ckame in ckontackt with the divine manifestation of the natural being. I was empowered with a sense of ckonfidencke and felt my powers grow. I beckame one with the universe. When I wocke up, my cklothes were missing and my ass hurt. Did I mention I'm bi and I licke Fall Out Boy?"
  • New Ager/Druid: "I strive to beckome one with the universe, and lose my ego in the greater depths of ckosmick being. My earthly attachments will dissolve and I will transcend this plane of existence, like that one summer solstice at Stonehenge when we toock three hits of E each and really ckonneckted with the earth...speaking of which, got any herb?"
  • Science: "I ckast magic missile!" -Cho Seung Hui, 15th level Bullet Mage

There are many spinoffs, such as FacePunch cards.

Magickal Tools

Magick obsidian "wand"

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