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in a nutshell
The person inside the overpriced fursuit

Magnus the Dutch angel dragon is another original dragon fursona that truly looks amazing. Magnus was inspired by a Great ball. Truly a masterpiece that not even Leonardo Da Vinci himself could've made up.


About Magnus

Do not want

The owner of Magnus is a 23 year old crazy female from Canada named Sarina Barnes who will sue the shit out of you if you call her out on her bullshit and behavior. Just another typical furry who thinks she's superior because she owns a fursuit from Skypro. Even though she owns a Skypro fursuit she's in a lot of money problems and her family fucking 'hates' her. (Can't blame them.) The moment when she got her Magnus suit is the moment when she quickly developed the typical asshole syndrome which somehow also makes you mentally retarded. Doesn't matter how great of a person you were before, as soon as you get infected with the syndrome there's no cure and you will slowly (or rapidly) become what you hate. If you talk about your problems she will also put you on edge as much as possible.

You better prepare yourself for some insane stalking if you have somehow wronged Magnus. There is no forgive & forget in her dictionary.

The fursuit

People seem to have this idea that I should spend my money on something I’m not longer responsible for. It doesn’t work like that.


—Sarina, I'm over 18, that means fuck my parents and fuck helping them with their stupid beloved dog. I'mma buy me a fursuit!

That's a lot of cancer

The fursuit was created by Skypro, a fursuit company owned by WRING WRING HERRO Telephone. Knowing that her family dog was walking with a leg full of cancer she still went for the fursuit instead and when people found out about this everybody flew into a tardrage. She was begging for money on her GoFuckMe to pay surgery which she could've easily paid if it wasn't for that goddamn overpriced suit. Calling her out on this matter will make you a bully and will warn you that if you don't stop slandering her name that she will take legal action, which is quite ironic because there's ANOTHER story to this story.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Magnus herself has been known for harassing and bullying people online.

The beautiful pearl and the inferior magnus

Magnus displaying her insatiable lust for cock in her mouth
Sarina drinks before going to the playground to prey on children

Although not very clear what happened between Pearl and Magnus, it's quite obvious to say that Magnus obviously started it. I mean, she always fucking starts shit. According to sources Magnus got buttmad because Pearl didn't want to be a Dutch Angel Dragon any longer due to Telephone's nazi way of controlling her SOOPR ORIGINUL SPESHUSH and saw Pearl as a traitor. Magnus created fake accounts on a DaD forum where she pretended to be Hyro and Pearl. But the poor dumb soul forgot that mods/admins can see your IP & the e-mail that you registered with.

Pearl found out because the admins of the forum are her friends and asked her about it. Of course, it didn't take long for Magnus to find out and screenshotted what Pearl said. Except.. she didn't screenshot the entire conversation. Nope, only a part of it. But it was good enough for her braindead fanbase. Magnus created a whole album called HARASSMENT where she put screenshots of everybody who didn't kiss her ass or who didn't agree with her / side with her. She then later renamed the album PROOF but eventually made it password protected. a Reminder that if you screenshot what Sarina does or says means that you're slandering her. But it's perfectly fine for her to screenshot what YOU have said about her.

Magnus later whined about being scared for her life because of Pearl. Because Pearl is obviously going to screw up her life for some retard who can't let things go.

Original Character

Pokumans + Maplestory = ART!


Like most insipidly banal furtards Sarina came up with her pedantic shit figure fursona by simply ripping off bits and pieces from random cartoons and kiddy games and kludging them all together in an autistic mish mosh of mainstream media milked mary sue stupidity. While of course running around claiming the creation as 'tots original u guys' along with indignantly inscribed screed threatening lolsuits and fit throwing if you ever even so much as think about "stealing" such an epic masterpiece of originality!

Proof furries prey on small children

Like most furries, Sarina likes to pick up her dates at the park. There is a multitude of photo evidence of her engaged with children at a public playground, even though belonging to a fandom where animals are sexualized as a fetish. She even wears her fursuit, a staple of the sexual depravity of the furry culture. Whether she cleans the fursuit before touching children with it is up for debate, if anyone has any proof either way please contact us.

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