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During 2008, in the year of our lord LE, things in Chanology were running smoothly. With the CoS on the run and continuing to supply epic lulz, many were beginning to see the movement as a success. As is often the case with success, there are clingers on, who want to share in the claim to fame; enter Tory “Magoo” Christman. Like many OG, after discovering that they could bask in the praise of nubile college kids, she began to do what any normal human being would do; whore her ass off.

Magoogate: The Fall of a Dramawhore

Let the good times roll.

After having completely infested the upstairs forums with her particular brand of aids, Magoo decided to wander into the cool kids club for more adoration and praise. At first, /td/ was uncharacteristically nice. Treating Magoo with the same respect you’d give to a child, they endured ages of her emoticon laden faggotry. However, the bitch finally grew too bold, proclaiming that she could roll with the big boys. At this point she demanded that /td/ gave her its best shot and with that the games began.

Unsurprisingly, the moonbat couldn’t roll with the punches and declared all participating members OSA.Megaphonebitch, in particular, was the target of her wrath, suffering accusations that he utilized the forbidden art of black person.

After much butthurt you’d figure that Magoo would return to the nursing home and everyone would move on, but boy would you ever be wrong. Having mistaken the trolling as an IRL threat, Magoo personal-armied Tommy Gorman to “protect” her from the big bad basement dwellers. Doing the only thing he knows how, Tommy confronted the miscreant, threatening Megaphonebitch with a midprotest brawl if he did not publically apologize to Tory. Being the gentlemen that he is, he kissed her withered old ass for the greater good. Needless to say, this made its way back to enturbulation sparking a lollercoaster of thrills. Enturb thread showing faggotry

Initially Tory claimed innocence, but it was soon discovered that she had told Tommy about the rape comments (while also attributing them to the wrong poster) and that she feared for her safety. Now who could possibly guess what Gorman, whose wife was ACTUALLY raped, would do at this revelation?

The Aftermath

Following much bawww the dome was temporarily closed for unknown reasons. Like the beast that would not die, the topic started up right where it left off, with magoo even having posted a dome=osa vid at some point, which basically blew her wad.

The thunderdome originally countered by putting out TRUFAX, but since that video is long gone you can watch this instead.

The entire fiasco ended when even the moralfags in the upstairs forums saw her schtick for exactly what it was. It didn't hurt that in the resulting chaos several concerned citizens who had called/or were called by magoo ended up doxed, sparking further outrage. This resulted in Tory packing up her toys and running back to her OCMB treefort. There, in the comfort of friends, she could continue undressing scientology with the OG, where the true work is done.

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