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Magua is an unfunny Fark meme meme that is harder to get rid of than herpes. While it has been old meme at Fark for at least the past three years, it keeps coming back because Farkers can only create original memes that are completely devoid of lulz


Magua was a character in the James Fenimore Cooper novel Last of the Mohicans. This novel was later made into a shit movie where Magua was played by Wes Studi. In the movie, Magua delivers the following line to the French General Guy de Montcalm about his mortal enemy, Colonel Munro: "When the Grey Hair is dead, Magua will eat his heart. Before he dies, Magua will put his children under the knife, so the Grey Hair will know his seed is wiped out forever." Ironically, in the movie, he is allied with the French, who would never do anything that manly.

This phrase became used on Fark in situations of extreme pwnage, then to show general dissatisfaction before gaining more widespread use on the forums, where it was eventually sapped of whatever lulz it originally had.

Proper usage

The proper way to invoke Magua is to first post a picture of Magua from the movie, particularly the one here. Then use the delicious copypasta. In most situations, the quote is altered to fit the situation so that it ends up being: "When X is dead, Magua will eat his/her/its heart. Before he/she/it dies, Magua will do X, so that X will know that his/her/its X is wiped out forever." On Fark, this will be the most lol thing you can do and will win you at least 100 internets.