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"In lulz we trust."
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Article of the Now
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A Reportfag is a subspecies of snitch indigenous to social media, and is the result of cross breeding social justice warriors with trolls. Their primary method of attack is anonymously reporting posts that are politically incorrect. The general belief is that the reportfag exists to cleanse everyone's online experience of offensive content, and while that may be a secondary motive, they receive a more immediate gratification in the antagonized responses they get from their natural enemy, the Edgelord. After a successful round of reporting, the reportfag can expect to be showered with butt-flustered posts crying that their freedom to spout racial slurs and post pictures of horse cock on a public platform has been violated.

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If you tell one pedophile that fucking kids is bad m'kay on Twitter u will be swarmed with child molesters justifying at you for days on end


Twitter-favicon.png EDdotSE, on the sorry state of Twitter

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