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Sad Satan is a deep web "horror game" where you literally do nothing but walk around in a black, empty space; most of the time, a dimly-lit hallway with distorted sound clips playing in the background and random images periodically flashing up on your screen. The game was supposedly developed by Obscure Horror Corner; however, this remains unconfirmed. The game made its first internet appearance on June 25, 2015 after the Obscure Horror Corner channel on YouTube posted a video called, "Sad Satan - Deep Web Horror Game - Part 1".

Claims have been made that the game is centered around child abuse and that the sound clips in the game are actually children screaming due to said abuse, even though they don't even sound like children at all. The only people making these absurd claims are people that are scared of the deep web, and maybe even the internet in general. The fact of the matter is, there is nothing creepy about this game; most of the shit you hear about child abuse in the game is completely false and is only fabricated by pussies who get scared easily.

It has been reported that every time you launch the game, it creates .txt files on your computer containing "6666666" and so on; this has caused numerous people to stop playing the game.

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We are trying to make the Encyclopedia Dramatica Youtube Channel into an active community account. Come to the thread if you wan to help or submit content and we might upload it to our channel.

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