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Brexit is the righteous, democratic vote of millions of people deciding that they don't want their country being run by libtards in the corrupt (((European Jewnion))). Despite nations leaving the EU being an unprecedented phenomenon, the media lied that it would ruin Britain and the global economy forever and tried to get everyone to vote Remain, so that the British people can still be controlled by pandering globalists.

History has proven time and time again that Britain can survive on its own, while other countries fester and get taken over by muslimes. Before joining the EU, British people had many events to be proud of, including being on the winning side of WW2 and showing those pesky krauts who's boss. They colonised Australia, Africa and many other countries and after changing them to not being complete shitholes, climbed the highest mountains, generated much wealth, and possessed history's largest empire.

What have I missed?
2 days ago
United Kingdom
4 days ago
Mighty No. 9
6 days ago
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Lolgo.png Hey guys!

Would-be nazi hillbilly storms off the forum in a huff after being laughed at and exposed as having a giant nipple disease.

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Remember, No straight people no babies. No babies no gay, trans, or bi people. We are pretty much your Gods.


Twitter-favicon.png @MisterMetokur on Twitter, explaining how fetuses can't be gestated in a box.

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