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Cannibal Holocaust movie poster.jpg

It's a Friday night in the 1980's. Disco is dead and lounges are for lizards. You don't want to hit the bars as you're not one of those faggots who think it's always 5 o'Clock somewhere. You know where you need to be? At that run-down cinema down on the far end of town. One of those old grindhouses with soda sticky floors, stale popcorn nobody ever buys, and people fucking in the back row at four in the afternoon. Yeah! That's the place to be! And Cannibal Holocaust is playing as the better half of a double feature. It's a great time to be alive.

And then people started to watch this film and the drama began.

What have I missed?
Martin Shkreli
2 days ago
A Scientologist's Guide to 4chan
4 days ago
Rock Band
6 days ago
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OH YEAH I'll cut your rattles off cuz you thinh ur so cool u stupid desert losers. IM RIGHT HERE IN THE HESERT COME GET ME RATTLESNAKE FAGGOTS!


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