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"In lulz we trust."
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Article of the Now
Garrison hitler.jpg

When serious racists on the internet congregate in their own circlejerk forums like Stormfront, moderators typically try to mask the group's genocidal aims under a layer of subtlety - for example, banning swastika and klan avatars, violent calls for race war and gratuitous spam of the N-word - so as to present a friendly, non-threatening front for the media. Of course, this never works, because the media is run by Jews and won't so much as blink when Jamal slaughters a white girl cold before her 16th birthday. Still, white nationalist figureheads like David Duke believe the movement should put on a PR-friendly smile of submission for a "democratic" society that would never in six million years elect their sorry asses.

Ben Garrison, on the other hand, holds back no punches. The prominent anti-Semitic political cartoonist, better known in skinhead circles by his nickname Zyklon Ben, has personally vowed to annihilate every kike, gook, spic, and spook under the banner of heaven - through pen or sword. Scholars from Tel-Aviv University's Center for Holocaust Studies have ominously described him as the most racist man in the universe, and the biggest existential threat to the Jews since Hitler.

The JIDF has curiously chosen to combat Garrison's extremist propaganda with an elaborate campaign of disinformation to censor his works and paint him as a harmless, third-rate libertarian from the tinfoil camp. None of this could be any further from the truth. In a heroic gesture of humanitarian justice, Encyclopedia Dramatica feels the world must know the truth about this madman, before any more innocent minorities are slaughtered at the hand of his genocidal crusade.

What have I missed?
Lena Dunham
2 days ago
4 days ago
Nick Denton
6 days ago
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<YiffServ> It is decidedly so
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Saddest story ever: dude on our forum likes all his own posts with three sockpuppets and pretends to be an 18 year old girl for six months to flirt with people in exchange for more likes. Succeeds in seducing a lesbian

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