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"In lulz we trust."
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Article of the Now

Black Lives Matter (or Twitter-favicon.png #BlackLivesMatter) is a racist anti-police SJW movement/Twitter hashtag created after nigger criminals on drugs kept running away from cops and getting shot. Some argue the movement could be called The Evidence Doesn't Matter. Reefer Madness tried to warn everyone that niggers and weed don't mix, but we didn't listen.

Black Lives Matter later took upon themselves to declare every dead nigger a martyr, whether he dies with any connection to law enforcement, completely ignoring black on black crime, black fathers abandoning their families two-thirds of the time, blacks not wanting to listen to authority figures in school or in uniform, or niggers joining gangs, niggers getting high, or niggers running from police like their runaway slave ancestors.

Alicia Garza said one half of everyone incarcerated in America is black, which is clearly due to racism, and has absolutely nothing to do with blacks committing crimes.

What have I missed?
2 days ago
Campo Elías Delgado
4 days ago
Jared Fogle
6 days ago
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I am Jesus the almighty God by the power of my word, worlds pass away I am the pre-eminent one. if I say you have to fap to cp on 180 it is done without thought which is why we need a 180chan/boy/ cause boys need love too.i have to lie down.


Avery Chicoine, , Convicted schizophrenic child rapist, owner of several cp chans, on being both Jesus and Satan.

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