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Hailing from the United Kingdom, Milo Yiannopoulos is a greasy, olive-picking writer for the right-wing tabloid "Breitbart" who recently turned 30 but whose hairline seems to be pushing 55. Yiannopoulos is a tranny hating faggot with a receding hairline who, considering his Greek last name and his right-wing leanings, is probably a closet supporter of Golden Dawn.

Milo Yiannopoulos had recently risen to prominence thanks to his boundless preening, self-aggrandizement and shameless self promotion via latching onto GamerGate in a sad but obvious attempt to gain money, readers and try to convert the videogame-loving, left-wing pussies of the internet to his conservatard cult. He himself is not a gamer and used to call out gamers for the nerds that they are. Yiannopoulos's recent "Dangerous Faggot" Tour generated many lulzy events such as a man being shot by Antifa, and the loss of his job at Breitbart when his lamentations about the age of consent came to light.

The only thing he ever did right in his career was linking to ED. Maybe he can read a few more of our articles and learn what real journalism is.

(For fun tweet him and ask if he wants any "updog".)

What have I missed?
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2 days ago
Mister Metokur
4 days ago
Daniel Sieradski
6 days ago
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