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"In lulz we trust."
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Article of the Now
Hacking Team

Hacking Team (also known as Fucking Team, Failing Team or Mussolini 2: Reloaded S. r. l) is a shitty computer "security" company that, like HBGary Federal, bills itself as the national guard of the internets. They basically sell their own fake and gay version of SubSeven called Galileo RCS, which is supposedly used to cyberstalk criminals and terrorists, but it was found out that its main use was to stalk and harass journalists. HT is 100 per cent Italy-based which means that most of its staff and engineers are anti-Semitic and racist against black people and support Craig Cobb for president. Last Thursday HT got 400 gigabytes of their internal data leaked by Phineas Fisher, and holy fucking shit was this leak an epic win.


What have I missed?
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Thread of the Now


Inexplicably butthurt faggot dislike spams posts of people that had made fun of him once six months ago, only to have pictures of him sucking dick dug up and posted

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Quote of the Now
1. All men are potential rapists.

2. Men should be able to use the women's bathroom.


Twitter-favicon.png Jenna Abrams on Twitter, applying #FeministLogic

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