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Human pups might appear to be the bastard child of furrydom and BDSM. However, there is absolutely nothing sexual about it at all, and it is all harmless fun that takes your mind off the stresses of everyday living. Scratch that, this is one of the most fucked up things to happen this year and we're here to document this fucked up phenomenon. It is believed this sick fuck fetish began in the heart of San Francisco, which really explains pretty much everything.

What have I missed?
Serial Killers
2 days ago
Yuri Kochiyama
4 days ago
Elliot Rodger
6 days ago
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Lolgo.png I'm Epyc Wyn, a high-ranked editor on KnowYourMeme.

Another banned member from KnowYourMeme saw Pachirisu's adventure on EDF, and decided he wanted the same kind of attention.

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