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"In lulz we trust."
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Article of the Now
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Failing at everything he did, looking like a bald midget, having a deep pedophile voice but only a 1-inch penis, 2007 Golden iPod winner Cho Seung-Hui realized from early on that God put him in this world to be a spreader of epic lulz by giving him the task of beating the all-time highscore, set in 1999 by fellow comedians Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. However, God apparently neglected to inform Cho, that Eric and Dylan's highscore of 15/24 - an impressive task indeed - was rather flaccid in comparison to fellow zipperhead, Woo Bum-kon, who two years before Cho was born had set the score at 57/35. Nonetheless, our hero went on to perform an impressive feet of epic lulz and proportions, when he on April 16, 2007 participated in creating hours of quality TV entertainment, releasing 33 souls to their home planet of Xenu, bankrupting 25 families with medical bills and instantly becoming An Hero.

What have I missed?
Julianne Irace
2 days ago
Angry Joe
4 days ago
Lord Foxworth
6 days ago
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Quote of the Now
Been there. Been a subject matter there. It's like dealing with a fandom when you don't ship their ship.


William Shatner, On Encyclopedia Dramatica

Thread of the Now

Lolgo.png LOL TomPreston did it again!

The Tom Preston thread is now at over 2,000 pages of shit

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