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Jeremiah True is an IRL troll, ultra-gentleman, and denizen of 4chan who caused supreme butthurt to the students, faculty, and administration at Reed College in the hippie infested shithole known as Portland. Jeremiah was removed from Humanities 101 for expressing the politically incorrect opinion that not all men are rapists. Jeremiah has caused a deluge of libtard, feminazi, and social justice warrior tears, because as it so happens, Jeremiah is also an "oppressed minority"... so oppressed that he insists on the use of Twitter-favicon.png #basednigger, and refused to give any interview that did not begin with the word "nigger".

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Kevin Mann
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Sons of Kojima
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Lolgo.png Kevin Mann is ED official
Some retard shows up on ED's facebook group, refuses to leave so we get him to admit he's a pedophile rapist and write an article about it
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