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Little Marco Rubio is a US Senator, Cuban Pete's son. His family was all expelled from Cuba by Fidel Castro, as were gossiping in the corners of the former dictator be horned and paintbrush. He was a Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States of America in 2016, and is quite popular among certain sectors of Republicans, even though a Latin "brown". This is because he is seen as the Republican version of Obama, in various ways, one being that he also had virtually no experience before running for office; along with the fact that like Obama, he isn't someone who has intelligence to create actual policy and is instead a nice PR image for his party while they fuck over the same cholos that would be enticed by his candidacy in the same way niggers did Obama.

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Two reddit lolcows join the forum to slapfight each other, everyone loses.

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Euthanasia: being born a girl in china


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