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Tiziana Cantone was a degenerate whore from Italy who cheated on her boyfriend, sucked some other guy's dick and sent him the footage. The cucked man took the right action and spread the video of hers all around the internet, bringing massive shame and attention to the cocksucker and turning her into a meme, producing a massive trolling campaign that drove the pole-polishing guido slut to commit suicide.

What have I missed?
Marco Rubio
2 days ago
Learn the difference
4 days ago
Generation Z
6 days ago
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Two reddit lolcows join the forum to slapfight each other, everyone loses.

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Twitter censors me when I tweet about rape prevention. Facebook when I post two women together. Tell me now, what's wrong with that picture?


Twitter-favicon.png @Kneevyl on Twitter, sadly clueless as to why only billionaires get to decide things.

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