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Nicky Reilly (sounds familiar?) who changed his nick to Mohammad Abdul-Aziz Rashid Saeed-Alim is a 22 year old aspie who converted to Islam and declared jihad on Britfagistan in May 2008 – Unfortunately for Nicky, his complete and utter incompetence as a suicide bomber led to a combined total of 0 deaths and put him behind bars for the rest of his life. Fortunately for Nicky, he dieded only 8 years later, possibly due to complications of being a fat fuck.

What have I missed?
Colby James
2 days ago
Lifting Blogs
4 days ago
Jessica Leeds
6 days ago
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Jon Sudano - the overnight sensation
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Two reddit lolcows join the forum to slapfight each other, everyone loses.

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How do I make my daughter stop watching misogynist YouTubers?

She’s started watching youtubers like “Teal Dear” and “Undoomed.” But I’ve raised her in a strictly feminist household. How do I make her stop? Should I take away her internet access? She keeps saying things like “feminism is wrong because its mysandry”. How do I make this action stop?



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