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Dumblr Feminist (aka MissMisanthropy, Egalitarian Eagle, CrimsonRegret, anewwaytobleed, HoffyBunny, NothingIsSetInStone, TrustNo1sLies, bensonownsmyovaries, deathtotealeoni, vonsnortsenburg, tamedinsanity, WaxAngelWings and over 9,000 other usernames that all sound like something a 13 year old girl on LiveJournal would come up with) fake name Monica Olivia Edwards, real name Eve Rebecca Habat, is a hideously ugly Cleveland resident who somehow works as an "exotic dancer" and "professional dominatrix", all of which are just fancy words for prostitute.

Her exploits on the internet go far and wide, starting with constant slapfight on various fandoms, pretending to be a lesbian for attention while writing a LOTR worth of rape fanfics about Hannibal, David Bowie and Hugh Laurie before jerking off to them, and ending with a recent visit to our own EDF2 that ended with threats of calling the police on us.

What have I missed?
Arthur Chu
2 days ago
Fifty Shades of Gray
4 days ago
Milo Yiannopoulos
6 days ago
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I want those pictures taken down. They already stole video content and the two websites they uploaded that content to agreed my copyright was violated enough to remove that content.

If that's the case, the pictures are mine as well. They stole the pictures, I can more than prove that, and they do not have permission to use them.


Dumblr Feminist, whining to our frontend host, waving DMCAs

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Lolgo.png Being and anti-feminist on tumblr
Famous tumblr anti-feminist joins the forum, gets tolled off of it in 6 posts and is now threatening to sue us
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