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"In lulz we trust."
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Article of the Now

Dave Hopkins: quasi-man, quasi-artist, full-furfag. Known around the block as 'Drip', 'that guy who can't draw', or 'the poor man's Jay Naylor', Mr. Hopkins is the creator of such literary masterpieces as "Rework The Dead" and "Jack". Mr. Hopkins' work has the honor of perhaps being the most disgusting and disturbing furry art on the internet. Readers of his grotesquely violent, gore-filled, and schlocky (yes, even for the internet) Christian furry comic "Jack" typically find themselves clawing their eyes, curling into fetal positions and crying, or attempting to induce vomiting in order to cleanse themselves from the horror they have witnessed. Unlike such comics as "El Goonish Shive" or "Megatokyo", this action typically occurs no more than 99 strips into the series, as opposed to over 9000. For those masochistic connoisseurs of furry art, though, Hopkins' work is a wet dream come true, essentially the equivalent of the works of the most autistic sick fucks on DeviantART combined and serialized, with a healthy dose of Chick tract thrown in. Surely the holy grail of webcomics.

While it has been obvious to everyone online but his fans that he's a psychotic rapist for years from just looking at his comic (the fact his wife admitted on a radio show he likes to rape her in bed was a big hint as well), his follower only wised up recently after David called one of his underage, female, chronically depressed fans and brought her to the point of attempting suicide by repeatedly calling her house to jerk off to her story about being molested as a child.

Hopkins has now gone into full damage control mode and is both deleting shit and threatening to sue his victim.

What have I missed?
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Quote of the Now
After living with all kinds of women in my life, I've come to one significant conclusion: women are the largest harassers of women.


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