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"In lulz we trust."
Serving 13,025 articles since December 10th, 2004
Article of the Now
Josh Millard.jpg

Started by one of the chodes who brought us Blogspot, Metafilter is one of the web's worst corners of SJW neurosis and paranoid political correctness run amuck. It started out as a not-bad group blog, and eventually became a very, very twisted little community.

Insecurity reigns at MetaFilter. The moderators will kill a posting for any or no reason. The heaviest users suck up to the moderators like vacuum cleaners on a tit-nipple. Back-stabbery is a daily occurrence. The "database" is full of lame trivial bullshit. Anyone they dislike or is seen criticizing them, even on another website, is instantly banned. And the best part: their community is dying, and they refuse to discuss or even admit it.

What have I missed?
Vester Lee "Bryce Williams" Flanagan II
2 days ago
Leonard F. Shaner Jr.
4 days ago
Jared Fogle
6 days ago
Did You Know...

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  • ... that ED is now on cloud infrastructure? Report bugs HERE.
Picture of the Now
Zimmerman cigar.jpg
This is what I look like [when] "I'm hiding" waiting for "Karma"...


George Zimmerman, Twitter-favicon.png Not giving a fuck

Quote of the Now
When you give ediots a computer and an outlet for venting out their feelings

You have a decent recipe for anal hurt and raucous headache dealings
So step away from the warm steamy LCD and treat yourself to a nice cold drink
Or better yet, step into the kitchen, shoot yourself, and drain your brain in the sink.


Lolgo.png ChaosCallMean

Thread of the Now

Lolgo.png I would like to have a ban please

Faggot demands to be banned and, after having his request denied, spends several hours arguing with automatically generated spam before begging to be left alone and quitting

Featured Portal
Portal lj.png

LiveJournal may be dead in the ass, but the drama lives on!

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