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Harambe was a dindu nuffin gorilla who had just celebrated his 17th birthday. Lo' and behold, some dumb nigger bitch named Michelle Gregg threw her fatherless child into poor Harambe's pit. Harambe was quick to capture the child and be a better father than Deonne Dickerson, who was mysteriously absent. At least Harambe didn't spend his life behind bars because he was a drug dealing degenerate darkie. Harambe deftly avoided being crushed by the suicide bomber and did his best to drag the child away from the harpy's wail. Frustrated that someone interfere with her parenting process, Michelle unified the Womyn and threatened false rape accusations against all the male zoo staff unless they became her personal army and killed Harambe for usurping her role of mother.

Later on, this brave primate became a meme, and even a potential presidential candidate.

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OH YEAH I'll cut your rattles off cuz you thinh ur so cool u stupid desert losers. IM RIGHT HERE IN THE HESERT COME GET ME RATTLESNAKE FAGGOTS!


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