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Lj-favicon.png malerymalamute is a disgusting furry dogfucker and the subject of a lolz-fest on Lj-favicon.png fursecution back in 2006.

On August 29, 2006, Lj-favicon.png erlkonigvinz was surfing around only to discover a frightening (but typical) furry personal ad belonging to Malery Malamute.

A few hours later, a fight broke out on Lj-favicon.png fursecution when Malery was tipped off to an entry made about her. The original complaint was that she didn't make a lot of sense, but as with all furry discussions, the topic quickly turned to dog fucking.

Things turned even more sour when ashi moto made the announcement that Malery was an obvious troll. Fingers flew: Rooterhusky, Julius Flint, and a number of others were accused of being Malery. Furries turned against other furries, trolls against other trolls.

Ashi moto later retracted her theory that Malery was a troll. Some claim to know her IRL, some hang onto the troll idea, and few know the truth.

On September 1, 2006, 11 PM EST there were three posts to Malery's LJ, totaling 164 comments; four posts on Lj-favicon.png fursecution with 530 comments; and one post to drama_awesome with 61 comments. (That's 755 in all) Quite a few people have saved numerous copies and screenshots.

If Malery was indeed a troll, her lulz meter will remain at 11 for a long, long time.


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