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The most widely known.

Mammy, also known as "Jizz Face," is an expression wherein a character raises their hands similar to Promotions, though it is usual for an object to be floating between the hands in this case (example right). The most common iteration of Mammy is a picture of Sonic and a ring, though this is actually a shoop of a Bugs Bunny cartoon made at least 100 years ago (example below). The meme gets its name from a lyric in the song Bugs Bunny sings in the aforementioned cartoon, since it is the utterance of mammy that causes his face to distort this way.


This meme obviously has its origins in the blackface performances of Al Jolson (1886-1950), pictured below.


Early Bugs Bunny cartoons often included Bugs mimicking Al Jolson.

Starts at "Mammy" (1:08)

Mammy, mah, my Uncle Sammy



Bugs Bunny - Perfectly depicting a nigger of the World War II period in this piece of classic, government-funded Americana

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