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You will definitely be tripping balls when you play Manhunt 2.

Manhunt is the biggest troll and attention whore in videogaming. The only people who actually enjoy playing this refined and elegant example of the third-person slasher sub-genre are sick fucks who get off on pretend murder. The game caused overwhelming levels of butthurt amongst parent groups and has been the subject of reasoned and objective debate in the world's news media. In fact, the drama went so far that the game has been banned in some countries (New Zealand and Germany, but what do you expect from a bunch of sheep-shaggers and self-hating Neo-Nazis?) Parent groups in other countries have tried getting this game banned off of the face of the Earth, causing holier-than-thou retailers to remove the game from their shelves.

Sadly for them, no would-be Manhunt player goes outside their house to get stuff and the game is still easily available from torrent websites.


Oh yeah, that's a mental hospital.

In the first Manhunt, the player takes the role of one Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash is a sick fuck who is sentenced to death for murdering some people. Of course Johnny had great reasons to kill the people. Shortly after receiving his lethal injection, Cash wakes up and finds out that the executioners pumped apple juice into him so that he may have extreme apple juice farts later on in the game. A creepy old man named Starkweather yells at him through a loudspeaker to put in an earpiece so he can continue to hear Starkweather's excessive nagging throughout the whole game. Starkweather explains that he is an underground movie director who wants Cash to perform violent acts for the enjoyment of his patrons. The game features a grain filter and John Carpenter-esque sountrack to enhance the feeling of a gritty IRL snuff movie. After they have unleashed the lollercaust, the player will have to fight Manbearpig and take his chainsaw. Finally, the player goes into Starkweather's office, slices his guts up, and makes his head explode. The End.

Manhunt 2 deals with a more psychopathic storyline. You play as another sick fuck who has two personalities and killed his wife for the fun of it. Throughout the game, the main character tries to find out who he really was before the killing. He finds out that he was a complete pussy and realized that killing his wife was a blessing. The storyline does not really make any sense at all, but the gruesome murders that occur throughout the game make it so that the story does not matter.


Manhunt IRL.
This is you Manhunt.gif
Knives are fun.

Youtube videos about Manhunt is goods and fantastic.

(See? This game makes Rockstar's previous video game troll Grand Theft Auto IV look about as violent as motherfucking Tetris.)

Manhunt's only unique gameplay feature is its exquisitely detailed execution scenes. These scenes range from suffocating someone with a plastic bag all the way to whacking someone's head off with a baseball bat making all of the "head goo" go all over the walls.

In Manhunt 2, the player can actually act out the executions with the Wiimotes. Manhunt 2 however succumbed to the enemies of the lulz. Since the executions were way too violent, Rockstar had to put in censorship which completely raped the fun of killing someone in the game. Giving someone a swirly in the toilet and then bashing their head in with parts of the toilet is not satisfying enough with the censorship.

Manhunt 2's Censorship

The censorship seems like an LSD trip when you execute an enemy.
More color shit.
Old people love acting out murders too.

As you can see here, the censorship makes the executions barely visible. A victory for liberal douchebags.

UPDATE: This video has been baleeted from Youtube. Yet another victory for them.

Even though the first Manhunt was not censored, Manhunt 2's execution scenes were censored. They were censored so badly that the players could not even see what they were doing. These completely ruined the game. Parent groups were proud that they raped Manhunt 2 though. There were mixed emotions on this which made the controversy of censorship in video games and the rating system even more confusing than it already was.

Thankfully, a challenger appeared to strike back for great justice. A Russian team of hackers opened up the .iso file of the game, found the piece of shit code that was causing all the drama and deleted it. This enabled the game to be uncensored. More drama occurred because of this, but because this hack was epic, no one did anything about it. This hack can only be used on the PSP and Gaystation 2. The Wii version cannot be hacked because it's too shitty to even be bothered with.

Even moar drama happened when an employee of Sony in Britain leaked an uncensored beta of the game. Instead of keeping quiet about it, the guy had a case of troll's remorse and was promptly fired.

How to hack it

Fortunately,we have an heroes that hacked the game for the sake of our lulz. This hack is the way people said "fuck you" to the liberals that had the nerve to have the game censored to shit. Some believe that this hack was planned by Rockstar, but that is a conspiracy just like The Man suppressing the black man.

The full version of this tutorial can be found here on how to do it, but this is the short way of how to uncensor the game. Keep in mind that you will need UMDGen, Notepad (DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH), and the original .iso of the game.

1. Open ISO in UMDGEN.
3. Open the two files with any text editor, and find the following code:

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# [GK] execution colour ramp options: flash fadein
 (sec), flash duration (sec), flash fadeout time (sec) 

Change the code above to look like the following:

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# [GK] execution colour ramp options: flash fadein
 (sec), flash duration (sec), flash fadeout time (sec)

The changes of code will exclude and remove the color ramp texture for executions and extend the flash fade-in time to
200 seconds rather than the original 0.25 seconds to avoid full black screen fade effect. 

4. If you want to remove camera shake effect during execution in the game, locate the following code in GLVLSET.INI file:


Change it to:


5. Replace original file in PSP_GAME\USRDIR\GLOBAL\LVLSETUP.INI
6. Replace original files in all levels in PSP_GAME\USRDIR\LEVELS\ with GLVLSET.INI. There are 17 folders (levels) excluding A13_** which is missing, and the GLVSET.INI inside each level is identical. So only one change to patch GLVLSET.INI will do.
7. Save the patched ISO.
8. Play Manhunt 2 uncensored.
9. ????

You can also use something like Gameshark to pwn the evil code, but no one uses that crap anymore.

The end result of raping the code of the game is this: Uncensored Executions. Typical reactions to said removal of censorship:

4 Responses to “Manhunt 2 Uncensor/Uncut Execution Style Killing Death Scene Video Compilation”

Neo February 24th, 2009 03:05 4 Nice….. Can’t Wait To Get Me A Copy And Mod It

luke November 2nd, 2008 07:58 3 Mexican

if you really care, what this gentleman is attemting to relay is: they are the most beautiful deaths I've ever seen

just joe February 9th, 2008 11:44 2 i wish they made this uncensored for the wii. ps2, and psp (because until you have seen the same virtual murder on all of your consoles, you just haven't seen it)

shadowAKA086 February 6th, 2008 09:19 1 Beautiful…


Hello everyone,

I just bought Manhunt 2 for my eight year old son. He said that he really wanted the game. So, I went and bought the Wii version of it for him. I gave the game to him and watched him play. I was astonished at how good the graphics were and how kid-friendly the game is. I was so proud of him when he acted out the murders of multiple people on the screen. My favorite was when he wrapped the telephone wire around one of the character's neck and choke him to death. After he was done with the game, I tried it out and loved it. The thrill of a kill is amazing. I am recommending to every parent here to buy Manhunt 2 for their children. It is fun for the whole family!




Butthurt Videos

CBS News reports on it.

Wate 6 reports too.

Target removes the game from shelves.

WABC New York: Manhunt 2 is a killer game.


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