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BritbongReturns aka Manlytears pictured here proudly displaying his new fursuit

Britbong (known as BritbongReturns on Youtube and Dominic Vanner in real life) is an infamous and reviled 4chan /v/ user known for derailing threads by posting links to his Youtube videos, talking about how "famous" and "talented" he supposedly is. Much to the frustration of other 4chan users. He is also known to have filed a fraudulent copyright claim on the Forever Alone internet meme, despite the fact that the meme had already been copyrighted by it's actual creator. Britbong is known by the name Manlytears or Manly tears on 4chan. When /v/ found out that Britbong was in fact short in stature at only 5'4 in real life, they began calling him by various names referencing his short height. Names such as Manlet Tears, Minivan (referencing Britbong's real life last name), Britbong Baggins, Midget Tears, and many others soon became common place when addressing Britbong on /v/.

Second Life

Britbong carried his sour reputation into Second Life when he made another mad grasp at internet notability by trying to claim credit for creating yet another meme. This time Ralph Pootawn. Originally created by a user from the LUELinks forum named Potty Time, Ralph was well known for his antics which typically involved interrupting couples on poseballs in Second Life. Another claim made by Britbong is that he was a member of W-Hat, Second Life's SomethingAwful goon group. This lie has not only been refuted by goons who were actually in W-hat but it also earned him a great deal of scorn from members of The Wrong Hands, whose membership was comprised of former members of W-Hat and other groups.

Furry Activism

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BritbongReturns shows Second Life's furry community his furry pride during one of his streams.

One of Britbong's more redeeming traits is his tireless dedication to the Furry Fandom and his love of all furries, regardless of their preferences. His caring and compassion for the fandom stems from his own struggles with being a closeted trans woman and the scrutiny it has earned him from his peers. In many of his streams, britbong is known to give shoutouts to various furries or to the fandom at large by dressing in one of his many fursuits and showing his love and admiration for all animal kind by ceremoniously mounting one or more plush alpacas and giving them lots of love and affection. One such furry fan of his (who refers to himself as The Purple Wolf Punk) has been quoted as saying: BritbongReturns has come a long way from being a hateful 4chan troll to a true leader of the furry fandom and I couldn't be happier because if it wasn't for furries like him, I would still be where I was in 2007. battling with Youtube trolls and having to hide my beastforum account.

Forever Alone Meme

Throughout early 2008 and forward Dominic took it upon himself to claim ownership over the meme known as "forever alone" although it isn't cited with strong evidence. It is not known who the creator is but he seems to chuck Asperger Syndrome contained fits of rage whenever he is not credited


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