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Sadly enough, this is not photoshopped.

Manuel Uribe is WAS the fattest shit the world had ever seen. Eating on a diet of tacos and pizza, this slob-beast managed to balloon himself to a weight of well over 1200 pounds (544 kilograms for Britfags), and this is in no way an exaggeration. There is but one thing that could explain how such an abomination could exist: this freak of nature was NOT from America, but from Mexico.

Being too much of a fat shit to even walk, Manuel lived in a permanent stationary residence in some slum in Mexico (which could be anywhere within its borders). Due to his massive obesity, Manuel could not live on his own. He was fed and washed by his friends and family in his home. He would excrete waste through a hole that has been cut in his bed, which had to be cleaned out a couple of times each day. Why this fuck didn't get a liposuction or simply stop eating the shit that caused him to weigh half a ton more than he should is beyond any sane human's comprehension.

Family and friends referred to him by his nickname, "Meme". We're not kidding.

Dead (finally)

On May 26th, 2014, the gigantic hambeast finally succumbed to his Diabeetus at the age of 48. Now that he's gone, Mexico doesn't have to worry about scrubbing his humongous moldy asscrack every day.

A challenger appears

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Charity Pierce, mega fatass of the whole world


Some batshit insane woman actually decided to marry this fat fuck.

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