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Some companies think it it's a brilliant idea to cash in on the online-crack-for-narutards free action RPG MapleStory's success, and make their own online sidescrollers that look exactly the fucking same.

This would be fucking awesome if the world needed another hundred or so boring Korean grindfests. Tragically, it is unlikely that anything will be as funny as Maple's own forums until MapleStory 2: Dexless Boogaloo.


The very first, and original, Maple Story Clone. But really, more people play Neopets, so let's just move on.


This game is the most obvious of the bunch. It looks exactly the same as MapleStory at first glance but on further inspection the sprites are revealed to have been done on MS Paint.

Always filled to the brim with full map hackers. There used to be a broken PvP system where warriors always win with only 1 fucking hit, underlining why Maple DOESN'T FUCKING HAVE ONE. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS.

Some argue that MapleStory is a rip off WonderKing because WK was supposedly in development first.


Postman will fuck your shit up.

This game is laggy as fuck probably due to the character movement is server sided. Because of this there's a noticeable delay between everything you do, including jumping and attacking. Feels like you're playing it with a keyboard covered in pancake syrup. It should also be noted that half the NPCs are crossdressing faggots EXCEPT THE MOTHER FUCKING POSTMAN. Has a new server holder after OGP dropped it, still lags like shit.

Wind Slayer

Nobody plays this shit.

Ghost Online

Dead. The company hosting it dropped it because it sucked.

Revived (because it was awesome) as Soul Saver Online.


Maple in 3D. On first playing it may seem like you're not really grinding, but after you've done the same fucking instanced mission for the 20th time and realized you've barely gained 1 level... you'll fucking know.

black person has a completely balanced PvP system where minimum level bowmen will come and rape your ass with arrows regardless of what level you are.

Dragon Saga

The resulting fail of THQ Ice's abandonment of the USA version of Dragonica. All the old THQ Ice fags proceeded to piss themselves after discovering that they wouldn't be getting their old characters back. This version will also end up getting dropped because anyone who gives a shit about this game is playing or already switched over to the SEA version. Derp.


Not out in the Engrish yet. Published by the same company as MS, so presumably they're trying to out-Jew themselves now.

Things that don't count as MapleStory Clones

Mini Fighter

This game is sort of the autistic bastard child of Street Fighter and Dungeon Fighter Online while with a delicious Maple centre. Only half counts as a MS clone, but still deserves a mention.

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