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Did you know that we're not supposed to have dogs.


—David Motari, Logician

The Great American hero, GI Throw!

David Motari is a pious, patriotic 24 year old ex-Marine from Seattle, Washington, who saved America from utter destruction by tossing a terrorist, who was cleverly disguised as a puppy, over a cliff.

David's fellow marines recorded his valorous act and uploaded it to the internets for others to appreciate. Thankfully, they also state his name in the video so all who viewed it would know just exactly who to thank.

Motari animated.gif
Watch the full video here!!!


The shit promptly hit the fan. The morning after the video was uploaded, the story was broadcast by the mainstream media and the entire nation rushed to congratulate David and his family for his valorous deeds. Modest marine that he is, David was unable to cope with the massive outpouring of support and quickly moved to regain his anonymity.

YouTube celebrity Matthew Lush, or Gay God, made this video to protest the throwing of de puppy. This is his only video concerning the bullshit Iraq war.

Hoax Theories

Some argue that the whole incident was actually a hoax. They claim that you can see the real dog being switched with a stuffed toy, or that the dog was already dead. Computer Science III majors are fully confident that the video has been augmented, and that—at the least—the puppies plaintive cries have been added for dramatic effect. Some have even called in to question the puppy's trajectory, arguing that it was hurled impossibly far.

Of course, this makes perfect sense. Obviously, it's laughably simple to:

  1. Bring a stuffed puppy into a war zone
  2. Find a puppy that looks exactly like it
  3. Perfect a split-second handoff of the two
  4. Frame the hand off perfectly on helmet-cam video
  5. Dub in the sound of a poor little frightened puppy over ambient noise
  6. Finish war so you can go home and troll by leaking the video onto the internets.
  7. ????
  8. PROFIT!

Motari is an obvious troll who would rather explain why he threw the puppy and see all of his personal accounts hacked rather than confess to his obvious fabrication. Seriously, it's obvious that this video could only be a hoax.

Free Republic

To further highlight the fact that members of FreeRepublic are brilliant, the site declared the video a hoax in March of 2008, and still to this day says it is.

If that wasn't enough, the website's resident Iraq war expert, some woman who hid in the Green Zone in Iraq as a chemical sales representative and posts on FreeRepublic as Allegra, offered this line when the story first broke:

Oh, I saw this earlier today and was ignoring it because of all the overreacting drama queens that came out of the woodwork.

My first thought was also that it does not look like any part of Iraq that I have seen. Not at all. They'd have been more credible with this hoax if they'd said it was Afghanistan, but it really looks more like the southwest US.

The dog has got to be a toy and the sounds were clearly not real.

In fact, Freedom Poster put a picture up on another thread of a toy that looks exactly like this "puppy."

It's a fake...but whoever perpetrated it counted on enough people falling for it without question...and the perp certainly seems to have gauged the public correctly.


Allegra, who can point out any of Iraq's 168,754 square miles from a photo.


Dave's Statement

He's sorry if you can't see that he did that dog a favor, you jerk.
I want to clear somethings up before tomarrow (sic). This might be hard to believe but I am sorry about the dog. At the time I just really didn't care. When you are constantly under fire sometimes people develop a different sence (sic) of humor than what others are used to.

That video was from over a year and I don't know who put it out there but it wasn't me. It has been a really hard day. I don't know how they got my information but someone got all my information and i had to disconnect my parents and my girlfriends phone not to mention i had to redo my myspace because it got hacked. I just want it to end.


—Dave Motari, GI Throw

so i herd u liek to throw mudkipz

Portrait of a Marine

Don't have to follow nobodies footsteps, I'm makin my own, fully grown, and this life is my own


—from Motari's Bebo profile

The Marines may be all about work but they have fun as well. A graduate from MHS joined the Marines right out of high school. They were stationed in Hawaii doing missions up in the mountains when they got hungry. They came out of the woods and found a house and took down the address to call a pizza place. The delivery man didn’t want to come all the way up there because it was really far. Finally they convinced him to. The Marines waited in the trees and bushes until the pizza man came. When the delivery man pulled up, all the Marines jumped out of the bushes with their face paint on and their guns. The pizza man was too scared to get out of the car! They gave him an extra tip for going through the hassle to go that far. So after, they hopped back in the bushes and ate their pizza.


—David's sister; found on MySpace

Sample Reactions

How do I ruined my life
The hero in action. How this man, in the face of grave danger, risked his life for your freedom, should make a tear run down your cheek

There is no way to know for sure if the puppy is real or not unless you are the one who produced it


—Charlie Powell, College of Veterinary Medicine; dumbass

hot army man is hot. i challenge niggertits.com to find cock pics.


—anonymous Gaia fan

The united states has 100's of millions of people transfered from airports to border regions in the U.S. every year. The country has a static population of approx 300 million. Because of the efficiency and scope of the U.S. tranportation system its estimated around 1 million people are transfered or stay in the U.S. forced into some form of slavery.

Keep in mind 1.5 million people is equal to about 1 PERCENT of the population (It is 0.5% dipshit). Many prostitutes are forced into their profession, many immigrants are promised good jobs in the U.S. and are forced into sweat shops they cannot leave. Keep in mind just last month a NYPD police officer and his wife forced a teen runaway into slavery they would pimp her at parties if she left they promised kill her. They think the whole lasted at least a year. In Texas a gang of teens kidnaped teen runaways and held them in hotels forcing them into prostitution again death was the threat of leaving. There are hundreds of these cases uncovered but there are many more we never hear about. Unfortunately less than half a percent of population is more than a million. That means 99.5 percent of our poplulation will never be forced into some form of slavery. I'm concerned about that half of a percent. Not some dead puppy found on the side of a road and thrown.


thinser, YouTube asshole & mathematician.

fuckin cracker ill fucking toss you and brake you. i hope you get BUTT FUCKED in jail u dumb bitch i hope you die 2


—Our Nigra friends speak out

David, I forgive you.

We sit here, back home, safe and sound, and it’s easy to see your actions and be disgusted. I certainly was.

It’s easy to criticize from behind the safety of a keyboard. . . .

You will probably face some disciplinary action from the Marines. Conduct unbecoming a Marine. I hope you are not dishonorably discharged for 16 seconds.

I hope, I truly hope, that once you are back home, out of the service, that this will be put in the past. You are so young. You have so much in front of you, so much to look forward to. I don’t want your life to be ruined for 16 seconds.

I know I’m not the only one to feel this way.


Blog440, missing the point

Gallery of Moral Faggotry

if i had a chance to kill him, here is how i'd do it:

First, while naked, i'd tie him up by both arms and tie his legs as far apart as i can get them

then i'd shoot him in the kneecaps.

after he finished squirming, i'd get garden shears and slowly cut off his penis

after all his swearing and shit, i'd shove it in his mouth and tape it shut

Then i would gouge [spelling?] out his eyes

i'd shove both of them up his ass, along with a 6 inch metal pole

then i'd take a straightedge and start slicing around his nipples

then i'd take a blade and cut out his nipples and place them in his eye sockets

then I thought "Nah forget it, yo holmes to Bel-Air!"

I pulled up to the house about seven or eight

I yelled to the cabbie, "Yo Holmes smell ya later!"

I looked at my kingdom I was finally there!

to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.


—Ashkee Chapin, Clearly better than David

He is a piece of Shit! what kind of scum does that? i've invited everyone of my friends to this group, and i suggest you do the same. lets make him the most hated person on facebook.


—Matthew Withers

This guy is owned. His life is ruined.

The internet is serious business.


—Rob Freeman, telling it like it is

Jesus loves this man, for he hunted terrorists and made many sacrifices


—Man in boots at 3am, moar vandalism

Really? So you know what dogs sound like when they are thrown wildly, you sick fuck? You've never heard a dog yelping? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Fuck man, think before you post!

The dog isn't moving because the back of its neck is being held, just like a mother holds it in its mouth; its a natural reaction for the dog to go limp and not move. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THIS SICK FUCK.


—Andrew Cole

Fuck thats messed up man, you should've at least cut its eyes out and pissed in them man...that's fucked up


—Gregory Peck,saying what we all want to say.



—Rachel Daily

That sick fuck will get whats coming to him

I am half tempted to go to iraq Shoot him in the face throw him off the cliff and watch his corpse decompose into the ground watching him on his quest to hell I am usually not this morbid but this fucker deserves it!!! EVERY LAST MINUTE OF TORTURE ISNT ENOUGH!


—Dustin Jade Havok, LOL WUT

Bullshit. His parents are at fault for raising such a fucked up human being. Stop your whiny, "HIS PARENTS DIDN'T DOOOO IIT." If they are the parents of this person (and only if they are), they deserve all the opprobrium cast upon them.


—Adam Robinson, demonstrating the fair and balanced sense of justice that all animal rights faggots should follow

Additionally, anyone who thinks this IS a funny joke needs to reassess their morals and contributions in life.


—Jessi Storms, telling YOU, dear reader, to reassess your morals and contributions in life




—Lenny Diko, confirming that two wrongs make a right. ALWAYS.

Some people say its fake, but I say its real. And I am pretty pissed off at that son-of-a bitch. And his bitch sister comes on there ('there', meaning the News), err what ever the stupid relative, they're getting death threats, y'know why? Cause their relative, that marine over there is an asshole to do that to a puppy. They can't fight back, and they got their lame excuse, 'war changes people', yeah it does; it makes their lives screwed up but it doesn't make them able to kill a puppy. 'Ike how can war make you kill a puppy? It can make you hate a certain, (stutter) certain people, like the ones you are fighting, I don't think it makes you kill a puppy, I think its just retarded. And I really hope a muslim terrorist suicide bomber blows that son-of-a bitch up, alright. I am not meant to be funny, I am dead serious. I hope that asshole gets whats coming to him.


—Pruane2forever, AKA The Sexman - because a dog's life is clearly just as important as a human's, which is why most countries have the death penalty for animal cruelty

Gallery of Appreciation

lmao funniest shit I've seen all week Motari your all right ;D


— Anonymous



— Anonymous

Not cool man not cool at all....ITS FUCKIN AMAZING!


—711chans /b/

Fuck dogs. Seriously.


Throw the dog down the well so my country can be free!!


—A true Marine appreciating Motari's commitment to his job

fucking dog deserved that shit, who gives a shit about it? its not like it can think for itself...Motari did it a favour by throwing it off a cliff it would've just ended up dead anyway you dumb fucks


—Anonymous on what we are all thinking

Give that man moar puppies!!






Thanks Mom

A moment of using bad judgment does not portray the true character or integrity of my son David. It does not show that when he was home on leave, the first thing he would do was buy soft dog food for our aging dog Bear.

It does not show the kind and gentle heart of a young man who served his country for 3½ years of his life. Nor does it show the battles he fought in Afghanistan or Iraq; that he fought for the freedom of the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and the United States of America!

The video released does not alter our opinion of him. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. Life goes on no matter how much grief we may be in. My son’s life will go on as will ours.


— Motari's mom - Proving that there is such a thing as a face only a mother could love.

The Revenge

"Semper Fi fi fi fi fi!

Other Videos

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Update: He gets B& from the Marines

On June 12, 2008 the Marines gave him the banhammer.Archive today-ico.png (archive) Expect much butthurt from this milfag soon in a form of a lolsuit.

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