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Deviantart-favicon.png MarioStrikerMurphy (Powerword: Murphy Matsumaru) is a Japanese-Mexican fucktard (born: July 2, 1984) on DevianTART who likes anime, videogames, sci-fi, and another good things in Earth but hates some of the best shows ever making him the most butthurt users from Mexico. His art looks like something a little kid would draw. He is also one of MrEnter's fans (which is the cause of his childish behaviour).

Good people, shows, games and movies he hates and bitches about

What's wrong with this guy?

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This piece of shit

On September 20, 2015, he made this stupid top 10 list shown above this section on the page. It had some good shows and one of them is Kid vs. Kat (a very good Canadian cartoon). This where he throws temper tantrums like a child. Here's what this bastard has to say:

Well, what I think about this series? IT'S A SHIT!!! The characters designs are very tasteless, the premise hasn't neither foot nor head, the episodes are monotonous, and the premise is no more but an asshole plagiarism of Tom & Jerry and Invader Zim!





— Murphy being a bitch about Kid vs. Kat

This piece of shit is the defintion that all Kid vs. Kat (or any good Canadian/American/foreign cartoons) haters are jerks and should be beaten up by the characters and the fans too (even if they fight back, are strong or have more people that hate this masterpiece, they will not succeed). Calling it a "ripoff" of Tom and Jerry and Invader Zim is bullshit. Geez. This man along with the idiots who hates good shows needs to grow up. One of the commenters (a 15 year old Russian girl named ohiko14) bitches about that show and other cartoons too. Here's her reply:

I hate Kid vs. Kat, Free! , Modern Sponge Bob, TTG, Breadwinners, Fanboy and Chum-Chum, Annoying Orange too.

And my list of dishonorable mentions:
-PPG 2016 reboot
-Ben 10 2016 reboot
-Johnny Test
-Winx Club (rip-off of Sailor Moon, W.I.T.C.H, Harry Potter)
-Sonic Boom
-Sanjay and Craig
-Modern FOP
-Jimmy Two-shoes
-World of Quest
-Super Noobs
-Dora the explorer
-TUFF Puppy



—ohiko14 whining about the show she hates

One year later after this fucktard uploaded this piece of shit, he uploaded a similiar meme or should we say piece of crap but with overrated characters. One of the character he listed and bitched about was Elsa from a goodass movie called Frozen.

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This piece of crap

Here's what Murphy has to say about her:

With no more to say, Elsa is the Most Overrated Character I Know Ever...Do I Like Her?: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!


—Murphy whining about Elsa

Let's take a look at his maturity level.

Maturity Level: 3/10

Yep, definitely not qualified to be a mature man.


Gallery of his stupidity and his art (Warning: Cringe) About missing Pics
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His shitty video made in 2013

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