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Maturity at its finest

Maturity by definition is the measurement of one's ability to overcome life's obstacles without giving in to emotions, anger, as well as refrain from creating unnecessary drama. People who are mature are normal people who can laugh at themselves, admit their flaws, and not dwell on shit nobody cares about. Here is a short list on people who can be considered mature:

Sadly, mature people make up a small minority on the internets and recently have been put on the endangered species list. With the stupidity-nurturing world of Web 2.0 in combination with MTV, VH1, Fuse, and teenagers living in suburbs, the true definition of "Maturity" will soon be erased from the pages of history.

As A Contest

TARTlets are known for their awesome maturity

People who are truly mature do not need to advertise their maturity, because their actions basically speak for themselves. Ironically people who are the least mature use the word as a weapon to claim superiority over their rivals. These people are the dreaded teenagers, who constantly feel the need to assert themselves as being more grown up and smarter than they will ever dream to be.

The worst offenders are unsurprisingly 16 year old girls. Their constant self-righteousness, inability to solve any problem without threatening suicide, cutting, use of drama generating techniques, throwing a hissy fit over bullshit like the Toilet Seat, and inability to shut the fuck up makes them the epitome of immaturity. One of the most annoying traits is the use of triggers which these girls in their fevered self-righteous mindset use as an excuse to flip out at people without critical reprisal because of their "traumatic past" which is 99.9999999% lies or bloated exaggerations.

I am sure that if any of you who has spent even one day in high school, you would have heard someone try to win an argument with no supporting evidence or any reasoning either than the claim that they are more mature than you or calling the other person immature (calling them "ignorant" is also used a lot).

Immaturity Into Adulthood

Jark's extremely mature response to being axed.
Maybe immaturity is a good thing after all, even if you have aged somewhat. Way to go, OldDirtyBtard!

Part of growing up is learning from ones mistakes, swallowing ones pride and realizing that you might be responsible for your own failures instead of constantly playing the victim. Unfortunately, a growing amount of adults will refuse to mature thanks to chronic exposure to the internets. Immaturity in adults affects mainly basement-dwellers who refuse to accept the harsh realities of the real world. The big problem is any "stupid behavior no matter how wrong it is, there will have a special place on the internet where it is "accepted". This growing acceptance is the reason why we have so many adults prancing around in fursuits and diapers without being dragged out into the street and shot. A perfect example of an immature adult is the former lordy-assface of DeviantART, the yellow alien Jark, who took his cyberjob so seriously he tried to rally an uprising and donation to his cause.

Notable Immature Behavior

REAL mature Carlos Latuff. Real FUCKING mature...

As a final note, there is a silver lining here in a world full of immaturity. These people are the most vulnerable targets to trolling, therefore the world has an endless untapped supply of lulz. Long after all the earths natural resources are used up, there will still be drama-a-plenty.

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