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Origin of a Meme

Very early in the morning on Tuesday, May 20th, 2008, a /b/tard posted another lame, "Hey, /b/ what do you think of this chick?" thread. Another /b/tard noticed the crappy Sony Mavica digital camera in the OP's picture, mocking the OP because the Sony Mavica used 3.5 inch floppy disks for storage. At this point, shit went off and all /b/tards started talking about how they wanted to fuck the camera. A pic of a Sony Mavica next to a sprite can was then posted, and everyone started requesting rule 34 on Sprite and the Mavica. No one could deliver for a while and all the /b/tards started getting pissed, until one came along and drew an MS Paint penis on the Sprite can and thought they were the shit for doing so. Then, a picture of a generic war machine was posted and shortly after someone photoshopped a Sony Mavica Sprite War Machine. Lots of motivational posters were made. The thread got archived and the crowd went wild.

The thread survived for nine hours. Thus was created the Mavica/Sprite meme.

Gallery of Images from the Original Thread

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