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Max "They can't scream rape if they're choking to death on my dick" Hardcore
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The remains of this Max Hardcore victim have never been recovered. She is presumed to be decomposing in a ditch, much to the apathy of her mother and stepfather.

Max Hardcore is a sick fuck who has been videotaping himself raping women dressed like 12-year-old girls for decades. Unsurprisingly, Max (whose Jew name is Max Steiner and Native American name is Paul F. Little --from the Choctaw, meaning "he with the tiny penis and self-esteem issues"), like the sickest of sick fucks, was born in Wisconsin, also known as America's Japan. Unlike other wacky Wisconsin eccentrics like Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer, Max sees no need to murder his victims during his pseudo-snuff films because as he likes to say, "By the time I'm done with them, they're already dead inside." This is wrong. Any woman who would do this sick shit is already dead inside.

Like most sociopaths, Max's fetishes have grown steadily more disturbing over time. Once strictly an anal sex aficionado, Max has graduated into chokings, slappings, scat play, speculum spelunking, and his personal favorite, forced deep throating until his victims cry and/or vomit. It is speculated that by 2012 Max will have become so jaded that he will only be able to get his rocks off by digging up infant corpses and assfucking them in his bathtub while the mother watches.

Max has received much criticism for his so-called misogyny. The debate seems to fall into two camps:

  1. Feminists and fans of porn that actually inspire erections who would like nothing more than for one of his actresses to finally wise up and say, "Hey, I don't remember being choked into unconscious by your penis while you scream that I'm a stupid fuckbag whore as being in the contract" and cry rape. This scenario would lead to a series of events that would ideally end with Max's imprisonment and subsequent gang rape by a group of well-endowed Negroes on a daily basis.
  2. Basement dwelling 16-year-old wigger virgins who find the word "donkeypunch" funny and tell people who don't enjoy violent simulated pedo rape to "Get over it. It's a free fuckin country. He's my idol, yo. I love how he pwns those ho's!!!!!!!11"

Max has claimed he was brought up in a loving home and his "angry love" of his actresses is just an act. However, in 2004 a BBC documentary found much evidence to the contrary. It was revealed that Max's mother was in fact the town whore of Racine, Wisconsin, which, if you know Racine is like being compared to the town drunk of Ireland. A bitter, angry woman, she would send Max to school dressed in skirts and blouses until the age of ten with the theory that it would teach him to stand up to bullies. Sadly, this was not the case and Max was called a faggy transvestite bitch and was beaten mercilessly from kindergarten until senior graduation. Yet it was only in his freshman year of college that the males started picking on him.

By the time he had reached the age of 12, Max's mother was a broken-down whore whose vagina was so loose it was briefly used as a blimp hangar. This didn't last long however, as the Goodyear employees, used to the smell of burning rubber, could not handle the stench. Realizing that few men would enjoy this elasticity, she began to specialize in anal sex, often asking her son to help penetrate her with larger and larger vegetable produce to break her in. Once, while inserting a honeydew melon into his mother's rectum Max made the mistake of applying some Vaseline on it first. His mother became enraged and beat him unconscious, where he laid in a coma for three days. Upon awakening him, she screamed "Lube is for losers! You go in dry and don't ask why!"

In a college film class, Max was exposed to such classic works of erotic cinema as Cannnibal Holocaust and Night and Fog. Max knew then that this would be the medium to which he would devote his life and become a legend.

The Hai2u Connection

Involvement in Hai2u?

It is well known that the image that makes up Hai2u was taken as a still from a Max Hardcore film. You can tell from the fact that the woman is vomiting all over Max's cock, which has happened over 9000 times since Max started making films.

Typical Movie Plot-"Anal Lesbian"


Max makes another lesbian

Max is patrolling the parks when he comes across Mirage ditching school. As punishment, he roughs her up, sticks his dick in her ass, slaps her repeatedly then fucks her mouth and pulls out only to pee on her face and in her mouth. Mirage looks terrified as Max slaps her; face fucks her and pisses on her more. Back at the ass pad, Max pushes her on to the couch, then pulls her mouth apart and face fucks her while saying how stupid she is and calling her a stupid fuck. Max goes from fucking her face to fucking her ass and back. Max then pees all over her tilted back mouth and down her throat. Mirage then mounts her ass on his dick in reverse cowgirl while he shoves a dildo in her twat. They switch to a doggie position then Max gags her throat with his cock. She drinks more of his pee, gets ass fucked and Max sticks his fist in Mirage's mouth. Max then fucks Mirage's pussy in cowgirl while Max puts lipstick on her asshole then his dick in her asshole. Now on her back, Mirage has a speculum inserted in her pussy while Max pees down it and Mirage drinks it out with a tube. In reverse cowgirl, Max goes from fucking her ass to her pussy to her ass again then pile driver fucks her face till he cums in her lipstick-smeared face."


Did you know?

  • Max is fond of wearing a cowboy hat, just like those two guys in Brokeback Mountain. You do the math.
  • Max actually did have a date for senior prom, but his memory of it was somewhat sullied by his classmates dumping a bucket of pig blood on him. While it failed to give him psychic powers, it give him an idea for one of his movies, "Ass raping a girl dressed as a 12 year old while she is face down in a bucket of pigs blood ".
  • Dinner and a Movie to Max means taking a shit on a dinner plate and having his date eat his shit while he videotapes it and calls her a worthless cuntbag. Also, there will probably be anal rape and speculum-play, washed down with a nice warm glass of his piss.
  • Max claims his greatest artistic influence is Harvey Murray Glatman.
  • Shares a stage name, Max Steiner, with another Max Steiner. The former Max Steiner composed the music for movies like Casablanca and Gone with the Wind. He won two Oscars. The latter Max Steiner rapes children until they cry and puke and are driven to guilt-ridden suicide. Many scholarly film journals have made note of this synchronicity.
  • When the Supreme Court eventually outlaws pornography, it will be all Max's fault.


On October 3rd, 2008, Max Hardcore was sentenced to 46 months in prison for producing porn considered "too hardcore", but even better was the fact that his website got pwnt by The Department of Justice. His time in jail will mostly be consumed with assrape and finding out what it's like to perform hai2u on some 400lb dude's cock.

However, to combat these claims against Max Hardcore's "good name," he has had this smarmy bullshit to spew on his website:

"Humanity progresses through offensive ideas. Socrates was sentenced to death for corrupting the youth of Athens. Copernicus and Galileo were arrested for proving that Earth was not the center of the universe. Jesus was crucified for teaching a religion of peace and acceptance."

So, in essence, he puts pissing and ass fucking emotionally-disturbed women in the same light as the world's greatest thinkers dying for their beliefs.

"I told u I was hardcore"

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