Me versus the World

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The 'Me Versus the World' Flame War is possibly the most stupid of all the flame wars. Any idiot can pull it off, and since the responses are all so predictable, very few lulz occur.

  1. A Flamer (or troll, as is usually the case) targets a large group of people, usually a minority of subnormal intellect.
  2. The troll then wages a full scale war against every single member of the community.
  3. The troll will invariably feel smug or self-righteous.

Here is a very common example of the 'Me Versus the World' Flame War:

  • Budding young Flame Warrior finds an LJ community dedicated to victims of rape.
  • Budding young Flame Warrior posts a delightful message to the effect of:
    Now, I'm a tolerant, understanding, sensitive guy, but people who are raped are always sexually provocative and generally sexually promiscuous harlots. I think we should adopt the Islamic practice of stoning all rape victims to death. What are your thoughts, hussies?
  • All Hell breaks loose. If the budding young Flame Warrior appears to be losing, he'll just say: 'Hey, hey, hey! You stupid dyke, I was j/k!!'