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The DMCA-protected logo of MeatballWiki

Meatballwiki was founded by some Indian (the whiney kind from Asia) by the name of Sirhan Sirhan (his name page) and some otherkin whitey with a more forgettable name. They presented the site as a 1337 metawiki (translation from wikipedese: theoretical wiki for wiki and server sysops of wiki sites). This was a loooonnnggg time ago (1998), years before the Wikipedia, WMF, and Metawiki even existed, so they get one of eight endorsements from the very first wiki as a real wiki and not a wikiclone (cheap and corrupt shit like the Mediawiki this site runs on).

Meatball may well be the most tl;dr wiki of all, but it does have a very few good articles if you like reading srs biz. The site got stuck at around 4,000. Lately, they've had fewer contributions per day (averaging less than 1.5, less than 1 if you don't count welcome messages to the occasional wikipedo) than Meatball still wins here because encyc contributions are always monomaniacal spurts by one user at a time.

If anyone is still alive at Meatballwiki, he or she should make an article to analyze as a case of creative dysfunctionality.

Meatball requires real names (except from trannies and jews, both encouraged to use their stage names), with limited exceptions for IP addresses. Whether anyone there is ever wide-enough awake to check what happens on the site is another question. The rules (IP or powerwordthe main article) are among the most tl;dr things you will ever encounter. With no profit and not much recent activity, the wikipedia jews never even seriously attempted to take over. Any EDiot is free to make an account there under his or her powerword, hell it should be possible with any bullshit.

Hello my name is Fuckface Amadeus and my parents gave me this strange name to force me to face the cruelties of the world. I am also rilly Grawp's many user names on and my only ambition is to talk bullshit wikisociology.


—No resemblance to living or dead, just a hypothetical for Meatball signup

It's probably too late for this fossil site. A dissection of the pathology of ED by Meatball (one mention but no links now) might also make a nice article before Meatball breathes its final breath.


The kind of people Meatball attracts (HEY Y'ALL IMMA REALLY FUCKIN' INNELEKCHURL ABOUT UR WIKIS) cause terrible fail on most pages. Along with the overload of pseud-crap (sociology of teh new Electronic Frontier) dumped by Meatballers, the site does have a couple of articles that describe typical TOW phenomena so accurately as to make TOW admins get queasy.

Meatball Infected Mediawiki

Meatball makes a claim (which most of their newer users don't seem to respect) to being a "barn-raising" community (you set up a homestead and we'll all rush in to kill the natives an' help set up yaw barn!). Yee hawww!, nice metaphor for IRL Internet history.


The architectural support type of barnstar, in a box of other junk from the yard sale.

This is how Meatballwiki became responsible for the evil and ugly barnstar phenomenon. Meatball introduced this fail and manipulative piece of shit to the world just so that TOW admins could later rub it into people's faces. Except for their DMCA-protected logo, the barnstars seem to be the only set of pictures on the site. Some guy pretending to be Chinese uploaded a better version of the barnstar a few years after Meatball started.

Their article on barnstars does cover some interesting variants on TOW's (and their own) cheap lovebombing concept.

Wikipedoes have a typical take on this. Their official version (decorative on the door) is real but OMG the architectural support one might be real but is not ours so it's not really real and it's sure not a barnstar!!1!. Arse over backwards?

Meatballer's Best Article (Goodbye)

MeatBallWiki's great triumph is a discussion of wikicide. Tl;dr, but it does go into lovely detail on the TOW admin pastime of faking wikideath to get the worst toadies begging oh, baby, please come back, it is just wikideath to be without you. The accuracy of this article causes great butthurt among the TOW types with their habitual wikicides and constant permission for dramatically wikicided admins to sock their way back into the fold. Unfortunately, ED is no longer immune to this phenomenon. Several drama queens have recently pulled the same ploy and got the same kind of mollycoddling.

Meatball Wiki's Wikibus Tour

Meatball hosts the wiki tour bus so you can visit more defunct wikis and even TOW.

Articles with a Good Line or Two

All seriously tl;dr, Meatbawl articles sometimes have good lines and things worth thinking about or remembering.

Know It All makes some good points about the Internet enabling know-nothings to pose as know-it-alls.

The September that never ended is a defunct phenomenon now that just about everyone has pre-college Internet access, but the article has some interesting true history.

Typical crap

Most of the site is typical crap.

Unusually whiny

Meatballer number 1 Sirhan Sirhan is an upper-caste Indian, so bears the usual hypocritical grudge against white people. His voice enters the higher register with this whine: TheUnbearableWhitenessofBeing.


Like the WikiWikiWeb, the best technical thing about this site for a newbie is the reminder that wikis neither started nor finished with Metawiki and the WMF; Meatball also has a couple of readable technical articles about logic and programming mixed in with the overload of pseud-bullshit and the occasional pithy observations.

Also like the Wikiwikiweb, everything is flat and there is no distinction between discussion, article, and user-name pages. Most of the "articles" look exactly like lame discussion pages. Oh surprising, they are all the same. A few more parts are locally cached (like Recent Changes) than on the Wikiwikiweb.

Drama and E-enemies of Meatballwiki


Logo of ferment wiki, people after our own hearts!
Old ferment wiki front page, proof (75).

Fermentwiki was founded in 2002 as the grand adversary of Meatballwiki. The flame that burns half as long may well be twice as bright, but Fermentwiki shut down in early 2005. Barely remembered now, its enmity with Meatballwiki lives on in the minds of a few Meatballers. The dispute was over licensing, the right to fork (set up a new copy of the content and let it run from there), and the right to pseudonymity (Fermentwiki supported it). Fermentwiki collapsed under a load of spam because they never had enough users to check recent changes, never had enough articles to attract the critical number of users, and got attacked by fervent Meatballers (all now fervent wikipedoes). They do seem like a better crowd, perhaps some have been involved in ED.

The Chinese Guy

Wake up, OMG, a mention!!

The Chinese guy appears not to be Chinese (Xiong = John?). He made a better and more architecturally correct version of the barnstar, but upset some Meatbawlers. Sirhan Sirhan made an exception and accepted him using a pseudonym Barnstar in a box: Is it real or shooped?.


The Wikimedia Foundation is an e-enemy of Meatball, or maybe Meatballers got so butthurt about being irrelevant that they became e-enemies of the WMF.

Meatballwiki and the WMF (Wikipedia and Metawiki)

Early days

When the evil Cthulhu of wikis was launched, two or three of the back-room types were into the Meatball wiki.

Getting sucky

After Wikipedia started to get seriously bureaucratic (2005 to 2007?), some of the worst bureaucratic fucks with their axen to grinden and pointen to pushen were attracted to the Meatball's treatment of the Internets as really fucking srs biz. Jossi and Kelly Martin are just two who are also fortunate to have articles here. On Meatball, wikipedoes would make an account, spew some pseud crap, then hold up their Meatball account as a badge of honour back on TOW. Begging for any semblance of life by this stage, Sirhan Sirhan and the one or two other Meatballers heartily welcomed all such comers, shit, they wanted them to stay long enough to be awarded bastards, but the wikipedoes always missed the drama and POV pushing on TOW too much, and didn't stick around. Most of these meatballing wikipedoes have been permabanned from TOW.

Total suck

Bureaucratic fucks still join in at times; some are convinced that becoming a Meatballer grants them extra credit as wiki-inneluctuals. Durova signed up to Meatball in 2009 (her name page).

If you try to track the Wikipedo contributions you will find no drama, because Meatball (like the Wikiwikiweb) dumps the history (but not the logs) after two or so weeks.

Butthurt over the Meatballwiki's wikicide article and the fact that they couldn't write "Hello world" in any language even with a textbook and two days to do it, the louder bureaucratic fucks (IRL bureaucrats and lawyers) of today are seriously anti-Meatball. TOWer HighInBC (user page) had a sore enough butt to make a typical "essay" and ALL FUCKING CAPS abbreviation pair Wikipedia is not MeatballWiki or WP:NOTMEAT on this.

[Meatball is] to the current Wikipedia what a Model-T is to a Lamborghini Murciélago.


— HighInBC going nuts on a little power: oh shit, he's defunct now, too, no wait, it's a sham.

Meatballwiki Now?

Third-rate museum to enshrine the origin of the barnstar. Defunct as the site may be, it's still worth a look for EDiots who've only ever seen Mediawiki wikis, and to see the steps beyond the first wiki: more things cached, and more ways of looking things up.

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