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It all started when Hitler was assimilated into The Borg.
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Deadly duo in old media
MechaHitler has 4 gatlings, because 2 gatlings are for homosexual Jews.
MechaHitler in SelfDefenceLightsaberGeorgeForemanCookingPowergrill Combat Mode 3. He uses this mode to pick strawberries from Vin Diesel's tree. And to secretly look at pr0n.

According to experts, Mecha-Hitler (sometimes known as Robo-Hitler) is a shitty old meme from the comic Hellboy circa 2005. It's a big hit with 13 year old boys who think Chuck Norris jokes are funny. They most definitely are not and adding anything to the Trivia section of this article will result in a ban. In fact, the only reason this meme continues to exist on ED is to show how lame one meme can be in comparison to one that delivers. In the fact, Mecha-Hitler under-meme itself is merely a reference to Mechagodzilla (a Godzilla's challenger in the series of flicks made by nips).

The Copypasta

It would take 20 years and 600 battles spanning 4 dimensions and two colossal battles between Mecha-Hitler and Robo-Stalin but eventually the Man of Steel (who was actually made entirely of gold) defeated Mecha-Hitler and his sidekick Adolf Hitler by killing off his own Soviet people. It is believed Stalin is directly responsible for personally shooting, cooking and consuming as many as 230 million Soviet people. As well as collecting their mustaches for his vast underground collection. In Soviet Union, Stalin slaughters your entire family! Most importantly it was Stalin's use of his amazing powers of telekinesis to bring about a giant snow storm that was visible from space - The storm was so vast is blew over the invading German army and neatly buried them beneath a blanket of pure white.

Mecha-Hitler was invented/created/spawned/whatever somewhere between World War I and the lollercaust. Mecha-Hitler invented the waffle iron in his time on Earth and he still roams the seven seas to this very day.

History of MechaHitler

Mecha-Hitler was an exact replica of regular Hitler except for the fact that he wasn't gay, and possesses incredible powers equal only to God. Mecha-Hitler also controls swarms of evil herpesinfested mutants, and owns Google. This was never recorded in any books because Mecha-Hitler recreated the Universe last Thursday after he destroyed it by DRDoSing God. FACT.


Mecha-Hitler in one of the most awesome games evar.

Mecha-Hitler, The Action Movie

Actual footage

April 2012 marked the time when the blondest country on Earth would release a long waited master-piece, Iron Sky, Nazis from Space.

Either as a political move or just to make an easy buck, some 12 year old kids with learning disabilities were commissioned to make an American version of the subject, and alas, 'Nazis at the Center of the Earth' came into existence. The movie features VGA graphics that rival the first versions of Wolfenstein Castle, circa 1992, and the storyline covers everything from unnecessary surgery, to UFOs in Antarctica to Zombies, before deteriorating into Mecha Hitler skating on ice!

This is called a forced-resurrection, and is the worst thing that can happen to a meme.

Mecha-Hitler Trivia

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