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Yet another talentless Tartlet

Paul Lythall / MechaShockwave / Nemesis Pon3 or whatever he wants to go by, a 20-something year old brony tartlet who still lives with his mom. He is the soul embodiment of Chris Chan and will one day grow up to be an equally impressive manchild. He lives in England so avoid him or he’ll probably try and draw you some shitty robot pony artwork. There isn’t anything hugely notable about this loser other than his MASSIVE THROBBING E-PENIS and how easily he can be trolled. To call him a special snowflake would be an understatement, as he seems to think people actually care about the garbage he produces and should you say anything otherwise; his hoard of ponyfag "friends" jump in to defend him against those nasty anons. He also apparently studied photography at Rotherham College because he had worked out any idiot can take a photo and still be called an artist. Nice to know that no pleb has hired him for any job within the sector, because taking photos on your fucking phone doesn't count as "photography".

The Early Years

Wow. Such talent.

MechaShockwave has been on DeviantArt for several years; beginning on February 6th 2007. Starting off his online presence as a traditional artist mostly drawing Sonic, OC robots and Transformers fan art that looks as if it were drawn by a child half his age. Despite this, he hasn’t improved at all while on DeviantArt and his recent migration to Tumblr shows no improvement either. To call him an artist would be offensive to blind people. Although he was a crappy artist, nothing of any notability happened concerning him. He was another run of the mill hobbyist tartlet. Then the lulz began.

Becoming a Brony “Artist”

Since becoming a brony his art hasn’t changed much. Now he uses paint tool sai instead of his fucking Crayolas and utterly spams the stabiliser tool to make up for the fact he cannot draw for shit. Instead of spamming with his shitty Metal Sonic recolour he now has created a pony version of his OC which is still just as mediocre as the last ones were. Although they all bear the same standard bullshit only Sega is notable for, as his OC has "Super" forms which are crappy recolours with the spikes upturned. GG, well done, I coulda never thought of that, shucks.


One predominant feature in 90% of his pony artwork is the pose. They’re almost always the fucking same. Although the poses are so damn similar there's no bases used (apparently) even though it damn looks that way. Either he's creatively challenged or just a fucking retard. See for yourself.


OMG Fanarts

On top of the fact that all of his crappy pony drawings bear the same stance with a different fucking colour scheme, he almost exclusively draws fan art of more popular artists who are substantially better than he is, in an attempt to “make a name for himself”, which he has admitted previously. His favourite trio of Tartlet ponies he draws are Twigileia, Mixipony and Glaze. All of whom are unbelievably friends with the snot nosed little douchebag. Twigileia going as far to call him “her student”, because god knows he needs some fucking schooling with art like this.

One final important aspect of this trash to mention is he seems to think anyone gives a flying crap about his robot versions of ponies / people’s OCs. Even going as far to open up an ask blog for a robot version of Octavia which no one gives a shit about either. Unfortunately for him he's too dense to see that his "original" idea isn't actually original at all, as it has been done before he jumped on the pony wank-wagon and none of his fellow ponyfags have had the heart to tell him he's being a twat. Friendship is Magic when your "friends" lie to your chops to stop you becoming a butthurt clopper.

Now we all know fine well what a pony looks like. The style is cheap and easy to imitate, that much is obvious. But when trying to imitate actual pony style…

Needless to say that style didn’t remain for very long. It's an excellent thing to point out that this piece of "artwork" was actually a requested CD cover by the less than talented DannyBrony. The musician had put out an open request to artists for album art to use for his potential CD release. Mechashockwave admitted the only reason he had agreed to draw the picture for free was the publicity he thought he'd reap from such a transaction. DannyBrony never released the CD for sale, so Mechashockwave never did get the fame he was so desperately clawing at.

Personal Life

Preparing to eat an infant; this is a traditional meal in England
Can you afford to be buying stuff like this?
More stuff?
Oh yeah that's real fair on your mom you selfish cunt

It’s a well-known fact Paul Lythall/Mechashockwave still lives with his mother, doesn’t have a job and doesn’t do ANYTHING ELSE. He sleeps till noon, plays video games all night, stuffs his face with Pringles and buys stupid anime shit online with his benefits; while his mother works two jobs to pay for his fat sorry ass. In a recent Tumblr post asking about the help gained from the Donate button on his ask blog. The question asked how the donations rolling in from his ask blog had been financially helping him, he said this in response:

yes they have very much so! if it wasn’t for the donations I have received so far then my printer would still be without ink thus no ticket to print off for BUCK and its also helped with getting a few house bills off mine and my mothers back. <3


Which basically means he’s not only financially depending on his mother and the British government but also the gormless idiots who donate to him. Most normal people work for their money, but not this kid. Interesting factoid: BUCK tickets can cost from £80 / £100 or even right up to £335! Not including the cost of travel or accommodation. So the fact that this little wank bucket had the funds to go to BUCK at all (as well as all of the crappy merch he buys) says more than a few things about him.

Another lesser known fact is MechaShockwave as a person is incredibly 2 dimensional. Probably an undiagnosed case of assburgers. He rarely talks to anyone outside of his circle of brony artists; when criticized for this, he denied it through his teeth. He has stopped speaking to several people on the basis of popularity to make more time for the better artists he happens to have contact details for. Denial doesn’t look good on you son.

Public Displays of Faggotry

In this chapter we can see all the wonderful escapades of Mechashockwave in real life. Don't worry, he's still a flaming dork in real life as he is online. Here's a wonderful video one of his spastic brony friends posted.

Also here's a comment from the video if you needed clarity on this odd group of subhuman beasts.

Trying to grab a tiny scrap of attention
Buying more pointless shit
Stalking children

In this rare footage, you see him practically blending in with the scenery as his camwhore friends act out for the lulz. The very few times you actually hear the cunt open his mouth in the whole video is to either attempt to act like everyone else and no one (bar the moronic cameraman) seems to notice he's even there at all; which leads our team of researchers to believe he spent most of BUCK quietly observing other normal functioning human beings and being left out of conversations as if he were part of the furniture. He also appears to be drawing at a later point in the video, which is like watching a child trying to do what all the other grown ups are doing. It's funny, yet pitiful.

For the most part he left no recognisable traces he was even at the convention at all. Other than the occasional Tumblr posts getting his dick in a twist about how he could affor to go to BUCK at all, there were very few photos or posts from him for the day he spent there. As if he were PhotoShopped into these photos and a shaved monkey stood in for him in the video. No word on if he's planning to go to BUCK in 2014 and beyond, but if you see him there, be sure to avoid his flying jizz as he faps furiously over all the girls he can't have.

Besides the general fact he has as much character as a bowl of rank peas, Mechashockwave seems to pride himself on 'being a nice guy'. Unfortunately for him, being a nice guy doesn't include appearance, in which case he looks like the world's most aggressive child molester. The reality is he probably would fuck a kid if they offered, as it's plain for anyone to see the desperation in his face being surrounded by a group of manchildren who could probably cockblock him with a toothpick.

“Love Life”

Emphasis on those quotation marks there because they’re fucking massive. This boy has flitted through crushes mostly out of desperation, it is believed he has attempted over 9000 times to get laid, but to no success. On more than one occasion with a few sources (Who will not be named and shamed), he would start MSN / Skype conversations and almost immediately play the ‘webcam’ card. One person in particular had mentioned if the webcam invite was refused, the conversation would end; alternatively accepting the webcam request would result in “pathetic and one sided” roleplaying. Once the deed was done, the conversation would swiftly end. MechaShockwave has stated on many occasions he is single and asked people to date him despite no longer being friends or nearing the end of the friendship anyway. Making true to the idea he is a desperate virgin with rage. Here's a screencap of a chat I managed to convince someone to have with me. This chat contained a basic summary of some jackasses painful friendship with this guy.


So this poor moron was nothing but a desperate attempt to have real relations with a lady person that was more local than half way across the frikkin globe. Gold fucking star to the loser who has never heard of When asked about the intricacies of the sexual content the conversations and more details of their friendship, the girl refused to say any more on the matter, stating that "He treated me like crap, so I chucked him from my contacts list. He hasn't attempted to contact me in any way. It annoyed me in the past but he and I are no longer friends and I couldn't care less." You go girl.


He has been shipped with many of his ponyfag friends on Tumblr, but mostly with Twigileia. He has stated multiple times that he and Twigileia are not an item, although it’s painfully obvious that all he wants to do is stick his dinky dick into her pony-holes while she gives him free publicity for his cancerous art. The level he sucks up to Twigileia is unreal. Don’t believe me? Here’s a Tumblr post that will tell you otherwise.

Well it is now the 19th of July over here in the UK which means it’s now time for me to post this. ( No offence to any of my other friends it’s just that this person here managed to turn things around for the better I still love all of you guys <3 )

These four images are gifts to a person who pretty much got me back into drawing again if you guys don’t know then that person Is twigileia! I met her on the 19th of July last year when I decided to jump into this random livestream since it was pony related it sparked my interest. After that I quickly added her on skype and we got to chatting and over time she became one of my many few best friends. I want to say thanks to twigy because if it wasn’t for her livestream I wouldn’t be here on tumblr doing this kinda work, I most likely would have abandoned DA and tumblr altogether. It was because of her that I got myself a tablet and began drawing digitally, It was because of her that I met ton’s of new friends to go with my small group of friends I had at the time. And it was because of her that my work has improved. Twigy has taught me a lot of things about drawing digitally and it has made thing’s a lot more fun. So this is for you Twigy. Thank you so much for everything because it’s made my life a hell of a lot more enjoyable. I hope we remain friends for a long time because it’s been a great year, Lets see if we can make it through to the 19th of july in 2014 and so on haha. Thanks again twigy for everything.


A Wild Update Has Appeared!

So he apparently has come out of the closet as a Pansexual now, to the surprise of ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NO ONE. So now the desperate virgin thing will be set in stone, as now he can look down anyone’s pants and be happy with whatever he finds just so he can feel special. Just to clarify, he does actually know what pansexuality means, as shown by the Tumblr ask below.


It seems incredibly likely that because of Tumblrs high faggot ratio that Mechashockwave is throwing some bullshit up to keep the CIS haters off his page.


As quickly as he came out as Pansexual he's jumped right back into the closet. Claiming in a recent Tumblr ask that he has yet another crush on a girl. Although what's different about this one is...


Although he stated in the above ask that the girl in question does know about his feelings, he remains single. Knocked back again? Poor weeaboo. So that basically means... TUMBLR USERS UNITE. THIS PIECE OF SHIT IS A CISHET WHITE MALE PRETENDING HE'S FUCKING PAN SO HE DOESN'T GET ANY ANON HATE. KILL HIM.


In a not so valiant effort to reach greater heights as a talentless brony artist Mechashockwave scrapes at any means necessary to make himself popular. And when I say any means necessary, I mean ANY MEANS. He joined Tumblr in an attempt to make his work more far reaching than just the darkest pits of deviantart. In joining Tumblr he follows everyone and anyone with a mild interest in My Little Pony and attempts to spam the small time famous ones with crappy OC fanart. And let's face it, small time famous tartlets love all the attention amirite? It makes following him on Tumblr very difficult as all he ever posts are reblogs from said famous furfags or spam with drawings.

Another aspect of the shittiness of his blog is that he frequently reblogs posts of lists of possible asks and tags which generally no one gives a flying fuck about. Here's a standard Tumblr ask with the questions from a standard list reblog:


Clearly a tool who keeps the cards close to his chest. However, despite his eagerness to answer asks with minuscule amounts of information, he reveals a little more than intended to with the following tag with some side notes included:

And the truth comes out.
  • So despite all the denial over his claim to minor Tumblr fame, he still wishes he had more followers as if they were fucking trading cards. You can't deny it now and it's too late to take it back. Sucks for you. This is a recurring pattern for all of his social media outlets, clearly quantity means more than quality. I'm sure if he ever saw this page he would be nothing short of thrilled for the publicity.
  • He apparently has a crush. When is that ever NOT going to be true? Nothing new here.
  • Enjoying anime is one thing, people who consider themselves anime fans usually watch a variety or fucking Naruto because there's a never ending supply of episodes. The only thing worth mentioning about this weeaboo is what anime he does actually watch. Naruto, Bleach, and ANYTHING with crippling sexual themes, such as Gurren Lagann, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and most recently Kill la Kill. Not necessarily anything wrong with these shows other than the crippling ratio of clothes to nakedness many of the female protagonists seem to display. Is it any wonder why he likes these shows? If it comes to light he has a dakimakura then I win £500 off PaddyPower... From a £490 bet.
  • He thinks he has artistic talent. As perplexing as this statement is; I have nothing further to say on this point.
  • He has a TV in his room. Who doesn't? I also wouldn't be surprised if he had a fucking fridge in there too. Fat cunt.
  • This is also the original Tumblr post where he came out as Pansexual.
  • He thinks he's intelligent. Funny. He's an unemployed brony, artist who still lives with a parent. That is not the gait of an intelligent person.
  • He has ideas for a game/movie/etc. Yes, as do we all. The only problem is he has absolutely no transferable skills in order to make anything worthwhile, especially after his crappy OC comic bombed so hard on Deviantart that he took it down.
  • Went to college to do photography. A waste of education funding if you ask me. Especially considering he didn't actually have to pay for it himself.
  • Now here's one that's not been highlighted when it's quite blatantly obvious it should be regarding mental disorders. If not for the fact he's a socially awkward shitbag but also for the fact he seems to have absolutely no regard for other people's feelings at all (going by what information two anonymous sources explained previously), unless its Twigileia. The only person in the world worthy of his attention.
  • He has had crushes on fictional characters. This point was essentially covered in the anime point, listed above.
  • It was night time while he was doing the tag, as is customary for a basement dweller with no concept of shame.
  • His icon is not human. He's not exactly human himself.
  • He is thirsty and tired. Because no one really gives a shit about any of his base needs, especially not him.
  • Two non-bold points are that he isn't in a relationship and hasn't had sex. Yeah I don't think he'll ever be able to check those things off that list.
  • Also another random little titbit is despite not bolding the point about having two differently colored eyes, Mechashockwave genuinely believes he has silver eyes that change colour to blue when he's happy. It's won him five million points on the wannabe douchebag scale.
  • He thinks he has several different best friends. All of which he's forced his pathetic artwork onto so they can't really do anything but welcome them into their elite club.
  • And finally, the oh so wonderful cherry on the cake... He thinks he is unique. Well that's one fucking word for it. Hope to god it's not contagious.

That concludes the notes for the tag on the left. Now lets all laugh hysterically at this post made two days before Valentine's Day.



A small section dedicated to the 'fans' of Mechashockwave. As you could probably imagine, these people are clearly retarded. Mechashockwave takes commissions, and seems to take commissions from the same group of morons every time, probably because no one wants to fork out £10 for this garbage when they could either vomit on some paper to make something comparable or tell Mecha that you laave him soo much and he'll probably draw you shit tons of gift art for free. Alternatively be internet famous and he'll lick your shitty asshole clean. Unfortunately for him his alleged fanbase mostly consists of attention born out of pity, though he doesn't seem to realise this is the case and is adamant that the people who follow his work do so because they like it or they are friends with him. He never thought of the possibility that people also follow his work because it's funny as fuck.

Here's some screenshots of some asskissing found on his Deviantart page and from a few Tumblr posts. (Note: the Tumblr usernames and tags blocked out in red are the commissioner/gift recipient).

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