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This article was written by Arthur J. Fudge, the founder of Media Slayer Productions, as an act of shameless self promotion.
Note it's workmanlike construction, lack of lulz and the overall sense of fail that it radiates.

We're edgy

Media Slayer Productions was founded in March 2010, with only two members with two blogs. Sense then this website has been the subject of horrible editing and useless additions of content that no one cares to watch. Media Slayer first got its start from the That Guy With The Glasses website, when a couple of blog posters got together and decided to farm the community of worthless talent and begin a site, stealing content off of the Nostalgia Critic website.

The Man Who Started Media Slayer

The Site

The content on Media Slayer consists of mostly stupid blogs and pointless rants and raves from shitty reviewer personalities. While there is always some potentially good articles and videos found on Media Slayer, its horrible layout system makes it impossible to show anything worthy of seeing. Viewers are often overwhelmed by the huge volume of choices posted on the websites main page.

After many attempts at re-designing the main page, it was finally settled and turned into a shitty Google Sites webpage.


Currently there appears to be about 12 or 13 members of Media Slayer who do various updates on the website during breaks from watching porn. The Founder is "The Media Slayer" who has only one video posted. His lack of personal content and proper layout of the site suggests that he is in it for the money and not for the sake of trying to produce anything worthwhile.

Current Members:

Music Freak - a boring nerd who has a really shitty video show where he tries to make fun of how shitty popular musicians are. Also, he probably has no girlfriend.
The Media Slayer(owner) - is a self loathing, hateful, puppy killing bastard who knows nothing about being funny or how to run a good website.
That BDSM Girl - some girl who likes to get beaten.
Chris The Mad Scientist - some crazy guy who spends way to much time in the basement listening to metal.
Ota Kun - Another Anime Geek
The Dness - a retard who cant spell, act, or be funny.
The Fanfic Critic - A girl who reads boring Fan Fiction on camera. Eventually got kicked off the site for being racist.
Ivy Zhao - Some random Chinese girl who cant write properly.
Les Launer - No Information yet.
Chris Szejbach - Makes weird videos under the title of Pop Stand Productions
Bullet Nick - Probably takes a bullet dick every night.
Stevie The Ice Queen - is a fat jewish self-described attention whore in love with her own voice with an unhealthy lesbian obsession with the nostalgia chick. First and, for a while, was the only girl on the site, and probably screwing The Media Slayer, or wanting to, as she can't get any action any other way.
Jashykins-a person so bad at making videos that they couldn't match the site's standards. Now is forced to write blogs to stay on the site.


While the site is worthless and horrible, a report released by Media Slayer September 13th, 2010 titled were back states:

"To those whom were fans of Media Slayer, the company took a small hit and went into a three month recession. I am very proud to announce our comeback and return with full force.

We are currently recruiting new members to Media Slayer as well as the comeback of old members. Current New Members are: FanFic Critic Bullet Nick

Please welcome them to the site as well as enjoy there great reviews and blogs. Our final bit of news is the release of our history of Media Slayer in statistical form. I have attached a PDF to this news post that contains information about our world rankings, hits, views and other information. I release this information because I want to show that even though we hit a rough spot, we are on the upswing once again."



Attached is file that shows there current visits and other statistical data for the website. You can view it here.

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