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Yes, mother! I'm doing it, mother!

Meele is an allegedly insane stalker who likes anime, Phantom of the Opera, cats, and cosplay.

First Impressions

Melanie did not have a happy childhood. Her best friend poisoned her cat, which was a present for her fifth birthday, in retaliation for Melanie telling her mother that she was on drugs. She developed tumors on her cheeks as a result of school-related stress, which could only be relieved through acupuncture. She had to give away some of her cats, and some were even born dead, because she was too stupid to spay them. Both of her grandparents died. She suffers from a bad hip induced by a childhood injury, a back injury from being struck with a chain, anxiety from being stalked, an undisclosed physical inability to have sex, and anorexia because no-one in her family knows what a supermarket is.

At least, that is how her mother explains why people think Melanie is ugly. General consensus is that it's genetic.

Her mother reports that Melanie's friends say "that they dont` know how she is able to keep from going insane," but balances that with the queer "the good lord gives you as much as he knows you can take, with Melanie I would say the cup is over flowing." This supports the basic thesis that Melanie is one of God's mistakes.

Nobody is 100% sure that Louise, Melanie's mother, actually exists. Apparently, they type under the same accounts in forums, and on various LiveJournals, giving cause for speculation that they may be the same person. Melanie has been known to have more personalities than Yinepusayi, and Louise may be just another one of them -- either that or Melanie may have her mummified corpse hidden in the attic.

The Phantom of the Opera is Here, Inside My Mind

Melanie likes Wikipedia Favicon.png Peter Karrie, an obscure British actor who has played the Phantom several times in Andrew Lloyd Webber's creepy stalker musical. She likes him so much that all she wants is for him to return her calls, and also to not return to Canada, because if he does then she'll file a restraining order against him. At least one of her personalities appears to believe he sexually molested her when she met him at the theatre's stage door.

Melanie and/or Louise began their campaign to get him to call them in 2004, by threatening to ruin his reputation if he did not get in touch with them. In 2005 they began to post their convoluted and contradictory story on more than fifty web sites, where they were furious to be greeted with bafflement and mockery. They are currently engaged in e-lawsuits against a large number of unspecified individuals.

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Her LiveJournal is currently deleted, but it is not doubted that she has merely moved her drama onto internet forums so far unknown.

For reference, her and her mother's former LJ accounts include:

On other forums, she and her mother (should she prove to exist) are known to use the names Mel, Melanie, Louise, Lou, olivemarie, annmarie, and Tea Gardener. On Psychobabble, Melanie posts as m. Their blogspot accounts include olivemarie57 and mistressoftaboo.

The many colors of mental illness

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