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Meepsheep in 2015
22:24 &phobos: meepsheep you are the greatest troll in Colorado


<Ironholds> okay, Meepsheep, you're on this system because you're a lifeless, soulless, dickless, witless, spineless individual who makes up for his own lack of social life or integrity by treating the ridicule of others as the first port of call in correspondence, thereby ensuring that you remain a corpulent unwanted cancer on the scrotum of humanity


—Oliver Keyes, missing the irony

BMO is a fucking badass that will rape your shit right up




Meepsheep (Powerword: Derek R. Anderson) is the youthful Earth incarnate of an archangel sent by the Lord almighty to police the internet of wikipedos, sonicfags, bronies, and everyone else who will not go to heaven. It is a well known fact that phobos and fl0ss are Meepsheep's bffs :^)


The Meep, The Sheep, The Legend

Meepsheep has been the head of many GNAA coding projects designed to tackle such entities as Wordpress, Wikia, and Twitter where he has cost countless incompetent web developers sleepless nights attempting to remove Meepsheep's presence from their shitty websites.

An artist's rendering
A hellion attempting to argue with Meepsheep's God-given intellect

Meepsheep has also done charitable work for various religious non-profits attempting to spread the word of God through the internet, primarily YouTube. Meepsheep has met harsh criticism for his endless crusade, but he will always stride forward with the dream of building a better internet.

A group of sodomites working against the savior of the people

Meepsheep is also a house-hold name on Wikipedia where his outreach has caused many Wikipedia administrators and staff members to spend days staring into a mirror attempting to make sense of what went wrong in their life. Some have given up altogether. Meepsheep is far superior to Grawp because Meepsheep's Wikipedia disruption is varied and flavorful, he also does it purely for the lulz as opposed to Grawp who was driven by his rejection from the Wikipedia community.

So, whenever this little nincompoop decides he's going to create a slew of Wikipedia accounts, it would seem he's damned well going to


PMDrive1061, conceding defeat

In the spring of 2013, Meepsheep introduced BMO to EDF2, bringing much needed lulz to ED's forums. If you had the honor of being on the forums during the BMO days, show your respect for this automated wonder by including this userbox on your user page.

BMO.gif BMO is a fucking badass that will rape your shit right up.

Meepsheep also co-founded dongforce and was responsible for 99% of the awful shit they did. Dongsadvisory.png

List of people/entities Meepsheep has devastated beyond any foreseeable recovery

A dongforce tribute to Kloeri.

Love Life

\(^o^ )/*
Meepsheep goes nanners for Youtube-favicon.png Nyanners
Meepsheep, being fancy as fuck

Meepsheep is known to be a connoisseur of fine women, usually of the anime catgirl variety. Though on occasion a 3DPD woman will spark his interest. Meepsheep will proceed to express his love by collecting a myriad of information pertaining to the woman in question as he plans out their future life together. Some girls find this creepy.

(20:56) @oliver: that's how you lure Meepsheep out of his lurking

(20:56) @oliver: you mention natalia, björk or nyanners



he's an insulated upper middles class cuntwaffle who never sees the light of day except for intervals between going to university and back


—A homeless man in ED irc

There is no point in debating the arts or human thought with Meepsheep because he will undoubtedly show you up by digging through his seemingly endless repertoire of knowledge of Kant, Tillich, and other intellectuals whose names Meepsheep will be listed with in some kind of future incarnation of ED.

Meepsheep only listens to musical works with true artistic aspirations, whether it be musique concrète or contemporary new-age hip-hop (don't even get him started on his idol, Lil B).

A piece Meepsheep made for hipcrime (also taking inspiration from sociological trends), exemplifying his knowledge of avant-garde artwork.

More recently, Meepsheep has adopted the metamodernist movement under his wing and has been pioneering the ideologies of said philosophical development with great success.

Also, Meepsheep isn't the least bit pretentious.


Originally conceived by Flakychu, Meep-tan is a beautiful, elegant, French catgirl with exquisite taste in the arts that has come to represent all that is good in the world.

Jobs available for anyone wishing to draw more incarnations of Meep-tan. (Other jobs available: rim jobs, blow jobs, hand jobs.)

Meep Jams

Essential Meepsheep listening


Spit fire like that element


Stick your head in a fire hydrant

Get-got what-what

Tru story


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Feel free to send shit to this menace, he's ruthless and has no sense of empathy and shall be treated as such.

Bryan Østergaard 
Vølundsgade 31, 3. th. 
2200 København N
+(45) 33 13 78 86 

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