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Mega64 can refer to either:

  1. A series of poorly made comedy skits involving nerds running around in public dressed up as popular video game characters
  2. The group of nerds that produce the aforementioned comedy skits
  3. The website for the aforementioned shit


Self-described as, "Short films that recreate classic and current video games in real life," Mega64 can be more accurately described as a group of guys cosplaying in public, rather than the traditional locale of comic book conventions. While running around in public dressed as the Mario Bros. would usually register about a 7.5 on the Gay-O-Meter, the IRL trolling that the Mega64 crew manages to pull off more than makes up for it. Co-creator Derrick Acosta describes it as "Jackass with video games."


The cover of the first DVD

In the not-too-distant future, the sinister scientist Dr. Poque creates a gaming console with the ability to tap into the human mind, somehow making the games appear real to its users. He "recruits" two specimens named Rocko and Derek to be enslaved in a hidden beta-testing camp for his device.

While Rocko and Derek are hooked to the device (called the Mega64), the viewer sees them acting as characters in the corresponding game, interacting with normal people in San Diego who are often unaware that they blah blah blah nobody gives a shit...

The premise of the show is completely pointless and utterly retarded, and only really functions as a means to give some sort of purpose to the team's various exploits.


The show was originally created by three guys named Rocco, Derrick, and Shawn, and produced to start its life as a public access television show. However, Mega64 never even made it that far, forcing the creators to turn elsewhere with their idea. After a pitch to G4 failed, the Mega64 team was left with no other choice than the lowest form of media broadcast - the internet. Since then, the videos have gathered a cult following on the web, and two DVDs of the show have been released. The DVDs are basically the same videos you can get on YouTube for free, but with a bunch of added filler and unnecessary characters/plotline faggotry.


The idea crawled out of the diseased minds of San Diego fucktards Rocco "Fatass" Botte, Derrick "Douchebag" Accosta, and Shawn "Crybaby" Chatfield. These three faggots were later joined by Garrett "Fag" Hunter, a goth and confirmed homosexual, and Eric "Whiny Faggot" Baudour. All five of the Mega 64 lack of creativity team are convinced that someone would think their shit is funny, and their forums have spawned a small number of fans who lack most basic brain function, and will honestly expend effort to defend their beloved Internet supertards. Despite this the creators all despise their fans.


For some reason the Mega 64 members do a podcast which is absolutely unwatchable. In it they are self indulgent to the point that would make Quentin Tarantino shout "You can't fucking do that!" The podcast also reveals what inhuman douchebags the Mega 64 members really are, as they openly insult fans, reference internet "humor" that is neither funny nor interesting, and talk about shit no one gives a fuck about. The fact this podcast still averages more than 5 viewers is proof positive of the increasing level of retardation spanning the globe.

Typical Podcast


Below are some of the more popular parodies Mega64 has done. More can be found on the mega64 website or on The Mega64 YouTube channel. If you find these videos at all amusing, it is symptomatic of a mental disorder of the gravest degree and should check into a mental institution immediately. If you get an honest laugh out of any of this, hang yourself, you fucking waste of resources you.

Super Mario Bros. 3
New Super Mario Bros. (feat. Miyamoto)
Luigi's Mansion
Resident Evil 4
Dead Rising
Parappa the Rapper
Metal Gear Solid
Final Fantasy XII
Assassin's Creed
Ghosts N' Goblins
Elite Beat Agents

Marcus' Corner

In 2008, after the show had gotten somewhat popular, they decided to add in a segment called "Marcus' Corner," which is a puppet show where they interview people from the gaming industry and try to troll them. It's relatively meh for the most part, but they had Dick Masterson on in the 4th episode, which is pretty cool.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

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