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Average suburbanite child rapist
Mr. Freeze is a fucking pedo.
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Megan's Law is a law in the United States that requires each of the 50 states to publish the names, addresses, photographs, and crime details of all convicted sex offenders living in that state. The law was passed in the early 1990s, after a loli in New Jersey named Megan was raped and killed by some convicted pedo who lived next door. Megan's parents had no idea the neighbor was really a violent sexual predator. He looked so normal. There was a lot of public fuss about this, so a law was quickly thrown together.

History of pedophiles in the USA

Until Megan's Law was passed, pedophilia in the USA was regarded as a relatively minor offense, sort of like a mild case of "creating a nuisance." In fact, even today, one of the most common legal terms for pedophilia is "annoying a child." When a father raped his kids for years, well, these were family personal issues, best not get involved. A neighbor rapes little Johnny, well, Johnny is obviously lying, Mr. Forcand would never do such a thing. If anyone was arrested, it was 30 days in the pokey, no registration, no probation, no nothing. Out you go, don't do it again, kthxbye. By the late '90s, attitudes had changed somewhat.

Rolling out Megan's Law

Megan's Law came into existence when the Internets were fresh and new, but very few people actually owned a computer. Al Gore declared that every police station in America should have a CD-ROM filled with pictures of its local perverts. The police were quick to obey, and pretty soon thousands of police stations were dealing with the problem of CD-ROMs jammed into the xerox machine, the TV, the microwave, and especially the fax machine.

The situation was like this for several years. Compounding the problem, while everyone of course is curious to know if that guy on the corner is a pedo, or that other guy across from the junior high school, who the hell wants to go to the police station to find out?

Post-9/11 thinking

By 2007, most police officers knew how to do a few basic things on the computer, and more importantly, every state had a web site where its pedophiles were on full public display. This provides splendid opportunities for idle working-hours browsing through maps of neighborhoods in every city, schools all brightly marked, in a dramatic but meaningless quest to find the scariest-looking baby fucker, the most obese, the oldest, the youngest, the most "normal," etc.

I would say that it provides opportunities to go look some of these jokers up, take them for a ride in the country, or at least harass them in every way possible on the internets and IRL, but I clicked a promise that I would not use this information to go and harm any of the pedos.

For better or for worse

Some of the states have zoom-able maps and other cutting-edge 1997-ish features, while others are a bit more primitive. Still, one never knows when some nasty motherfucker is living in the next apartment, just a few feet away from you through stucco walls, looking for all the world like Mister Nice Guy. It may be advantageous to learn he's a serial rapist by goofing around on the web, rather than waiting for it to come up in conversation.

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