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Hitler's Children's book

Mein Kampf was Adolf Hitler's LiveJournal before LiveJournal was invented. At about 650 pages, there was no aspect of his heart-rending loneliness and misery which went undescribed in it. Although the book is mainly about Mr Hitler's early years and about the social problems of 1920s München, it's hyped and banned in many countries for it's alleged exposure of the Jews and their many lies and lesser known facts.


It all sounds so familiar.

It is common knowledge among white supremacists nigger-hating bitches that Mein Kampf is a Bible, which, despite the absolute lack of literary merit in the actual Bible, is meant by them as high praise.

The writing style is like modern LiveJournals- stream-of-consciousness, focusing entirely on what is wrong with the world and containing absolutely no recommendations for solutions. Being forced to read it and memorize its contents has been proposed as an alternative torture method for suspected terrorists, but the proposal was shot down by retards who thought it would be more politically correct to just deprive the ragheads of sleep, oxygen, and any semblance of sanity; this helps to make them skilled, productive citizens when they are released. Also notable in this work is the fact that the Jews are found to be the cause for the calamities of the world only half as much as here. Hitler's investigative abilities were lacking with his available tools, lest he would have discovered that the Jews were indeed responsible for every major and minor disaster in modern history. It is reported that Mel Gibson sleeps with a copy under his pillow everywhere he goes. Mein Kampf's well-reasoned and insightful text, excerpted below, can be found here.


All the human culture, all the results of art, science, and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan. This very fact admits of the not unfounded inference that he alone was the founder of all higher humanity, therefore representing the prototype of all that we understand by the word 'man.' He is the Prometheus of mankind from whose bright forehead the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times, forever kindling anew that fire of knowledge which illumined the night of silent mysteries and thus caused man to climb the path to mastery over the other beings of this earth. Exclude him and perhaps after a few thousand years darkness will again descend on the earth, human culture will pass, and the world turn to a desert.

tl;dr: wut?

Did you know?

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The great mass of people will fall victim more easily to a large lie than a small one


—(or words to that effect) -- Hitler supposedly acting like a Bond villain by explaining his masterplan to millions of readers, in MK

The above quotation is often produced as conclusive evidence of Hitler's intentions to deceive the German people into accepting him as their father-figure and then lead them into ruin.

The truth is that the quote has been taken out of context. No, really.

What Herr H actually said was that teh Jews are the masters of telling large lies rather than small ones, and that the bigger the lie told by the Jews, the more people believed it.

Hitler being quoted out of context to make him look like a villain when he was actually exposing the evil machinations of the international Jew?

There can only be one suspect who would do that ...

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