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Memebase (Meh-meh Base to 13-year-old 9fags) is a site in the Cheezburger Network used for posting and rating user captioned and created pictures and memes. Although most of these "memes" only apply to anyone who frequents the site, many are converted into copypasta by 10 year old boys and retards. Memebase doesn't allow for pornographic or obscene content, so anything posted with this is transferred to Memebase Afterdark by way of magic. Much of the content on Memebase was originally posted on 4chan years ago, but due to the high population of homosexual net-noobs, it is considered "new" and posted all over Facebook pages and strewn across the internet once again.

Current State

It all started out as a few admins being trolls and throwing up a few furry friday memes/gifs with some random ass other furry shit that made a majority of users flip their shit the instant of seeing it. To a less degree anti-furry shit that made furries on the site RAEG and BAWWWWW about fursecution and whatnot. Then the admins started letting user-made furry memes through into the less popular sections that soon became flooded at the drama that is the furry fandom attracting troll and furry alike. The admins let it get out of hand (or not even giving a shit) and let even lamer shit through, much to the dismay of mundane users seeing blatantly furry memes show up openly supporting furries sofar as to "reverse rolls" in animals being superior to humans.

So now it is ever so slowly being turned into furfaggotry. With unfunny fursuit shit slowly popping up and generally receiving positive reviews along with non-fursuit shit that is still furry and the typical furry sympathizing admin. It is only a matter of time until it turns into a cesspool like every other website that furries have had a chance at spreading their disgusting shit all over.

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