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Don't Leave This Brony a Loner


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Memedates is what happens when cancerous neckbeards create a dating site. The idea that a site can be created to help fat unwanted neckbeards get laid has been attempted numerous times. The site is an offshoot of the Zionist occupied, and was created entirely for the benefit of the single women who browse the Internet and the sick fucks who get off to ponies. It is a unique place full of the untermensch (e.g. people who read Reddit and ohinternet) The site is clearly intended to promote Internet dating among every brony and landwhale that ever sprang forth from the series of tubes. It's full of retards who will never get laid, which is pretty understandable.

Users on the shit have displayed no shame when uploading photos of themselves that include captions such as "im hoping to use this site to find my derpina." This display of desperation is quite common on the internets. Web 2.0 startups love to exploit Internet culture they take no part in. These Web 2.0 sites are now very popular. However, memedates seeks to bring the aids to the next level by encouraging the propagation of a newer generation of cancerous faggots. This encouragement is a plan conceived by the jews to disestablish Western civilization through the breeding of more Web 2.0 scum and bringing together laughably lonely autists who should have stayed lonely. The only solution is eugenics. It is basically EHarmony raised to the tenth with more virginity and terrible, terrible internets "humor." The site survives largely off of retarded virgins.

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