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Three generations of crazy.

MemoryandDream is the founder of Drink Deeply and Dream, a "real vampire support page" and is an experienced cam whore. Despite once being one of the most prominent figures in the vampire community, she professes that she is really an angel.

M was not always upfront about being an "angel". One would think that she would be more worried about hiding the fact that she used to drink blood on a regular basis, but it just isn't so.

She had another persona, SerpentsTail, that she used to talk about her groovy god powers and angelic abilities. She had a separate website for this persona, but soon trolls and enemies alike figured out it was really her. Mostly in part to the fact that she posted pictures of herself and her real name in posts made by her SerpentsTail sockpuppet, and posted a link to the website from her old forums. Oh, and the fact that sometimes she forgot to sign out of accounts and had a tendency to post on Drink Deeply and Dream as SerpentsTail and on A Wish For Wings The Work as MemoryandDream.

When she is not trying to convince the internet of how wonderful she is, she spends her time making jewelery...which is apparently more worthwhile than having an actual paying job. She flip-flops though on the cause of her unemployment, whether it is because of Lupus or Irritable Bowl Syndrome. When confronted by people with both, she'll either quickly reference the corresponding Wikipedia articles or change her reasoning.

The Webmistress

omg posers suck

For some odd reason she has a surplus of fans who never fail to prostrate themselves for her on her message board. Keep an eye on this page as they'll no doubt attack it...if they can figure out how.

No one knows why idiots are drawn to her like moths to a bug zapper, but it probably has something to do with her not so ample cleavage. Either that or people actually believe her when she tells them she is a messenger of god, even though she bans members of her "Drink Deeply and Dream" board UNMERCIFULLY and for the very common act of merely disagreeing with her or one of her many "minion" admins. Apparently she thinks her little "vampire site" is srs bznss...

Due to unsophisticated trolls, she has set up some minor defenses against flamers at her domain addresses. While you should by no means be discouraged by her feeble attempts to block Anonymous, her other web hang outs are more prime for trolling. Or, if you want to keep her and her "minions" on their toes with some prime trolling, just make an account at the Drink Deeply and Dream forums! They're free accounts, just make a new one each time she bans you! It's great fun! Ask a really benign question about vampirism, or bring up this article here on ED, and watch the fur fly! Her and her mods will call you names, and lose their ever-blood sucking minds! Or go post something in the wrong forum...funny shit...Really funny fucking shit!

Despite claiming to try to keep her personal life secret, she encourages people to snail-mail her donations and gifts (though the snail-mail is to what she alleges is "her mother's PO box"), and posts pictures of her RL family and friends on her blog website. Oh, and her real name is Marisa Turner. She lives in Tampa, FL.

PRO-TIP: Bring up Drink Deeply and Dream in the "normal" places she posts at. Bring up her claims of vampirism and angelic abilities. It is hard to set M off (she has been building up a troll tolerance over the years), but when she does, it is fantastic. Screencap that shit.

Her "Powers"

M and her love at a redneck wedding.
Like any self-respecting camwhore, she is fond of high contrast and squeezing her tits together.
The money shot.
"I vant to suck your cock!!1!"

An excerpt from A Wish For Wings That Work:

"I always knew I had magick. I knew that I could talk to the wind and the trees, that I could call the wind to blow, make or hold off a thunderstorm. And later when I moved south, that I could also talk to the ocean. I'm very elemental. I have a strong connection to all of Nature. I've also always had a strong sense of energy. I have always been empathic bordering at times on telepathic. (meaning I can almost always get a "feel" of a person, but sometimes I will also get a thought or an image as well) I have occassional and limited precog that comes mainly in dreams. However, I unfortunatly have no control over when I dream True. I have always been aware of the ebb and flow of energy between people and places. At first, I would sometimes draw off that energy, but I quickly realized the addictive nature of that 'high' and stopped. Now, when I need to recharge, I do so from Nature. (I'll go out and walk the beach at night and at the connection of the sea, the sky, and the earth, I will offer my thanks, supplication, and accept renewed strength.) Sometimes, in a large crowd-at say a concert, or a sporting event-I may just allow myself to float along with the waves of emotions and it can be a rush, but it generally leaves me with a bad headache. (much too much to stay open to for a long time) I have always found that the use of a gesture or sign with my hands helps focus my will. It's a tool for me to properly translate the change or effect I wish.

Something else that I have rarely heard of in others is my ability to affect probability. I can changes the odds and make something turn out in a fixed way. Not always and not on everything, but a perfect example is a baseball game I attended while vacationing in Montreal. I'm American, so I wanted the canadian team to lose. There wasn't much to work with from the audience, but I was able to shape the events and would just know the outcome of the pitch before it finished. The last pitch ended in a home run that I knew would happen because I remember waving my finger in an out-of-the-park motion. Not a few seconds later, it happened. It's a very weird experience and one I try to limit as I know that my energy surges A LOT and draws a ton of attention to me for those who know what to look for. (generally, I try to be subtle and quite about things)

...I've always just known things. And to this day, I will see something on say, the Discovery channel about an anceient civilization and just remember things that no one would possibly be able to know. I remember helping and aiding and most of all, I remember the gifts of flight and music. It's painful sometimes and it hurts to be here. (For I have no idea if I am alone or not, if there are others, if we were destroyed or disbelieved into oblivion...etc. And I have no idea if I will ever be whole again) I have always felt apart from the "norms" and sometimes I rage against being so much like them now (and so dependant on them). And yet, I find that I truly care and go out of my way to help people in need. It's just something I can't help but do. I still feel proctective of humanity if that makes any sense.



M has the habit of using her blog and now her YouTube channel to beg people for money. Due to her inability to hold down a job this seems to be a really frequent occurrence. She whines and complains about how she and her boyfriend don't have any money and it's up to you the viewer to make sure she isn't out on the street.

Despite her alleged lack of money, she participates in gift exchanges (while at the same time begging for money so she can buy herself a Christmas tree) and rampant buying and gift giving on a very regular basis.

Considering she has the money to buy things like art supplies, iPod's, digital cameras, new computer monitors AND A NEW FUCKING SUV it's unlikely she actually needs to whore. But whore she does.

Her reply to this section

...anyone who would even remotely judge a person for replacing a literally dangerous car with something safer more reliable after years of needing another vehicle is the lowest form of scum on the planet.



I wonder if she thinks this actually makes us feel bad?

Her Youtube channel with all her "blogs" is now private. Gee, M, get a little butthurt because your money grubbing whore ways got posted on ED? If you set everything to private, what's the point of begging for money on the internets?

Internet Poor

Here she complains about how shitty her life is and how poor she is. If things are really that hard for her, she should get rid of all (yes M, ALL) of her domains. Especially, considering she hasn't updated it in three years. Her wonderful paypal account is a paid merchant account! That shit runs $30 a month (USD). Oh yeah, she's real broke there...

If she doesn't want to get a job, she should start selling full time through her journal, not her website. She should only reopen her websites when she has excess money, NOT when she gets a little in. She isn't in the position financially to logically own domains, let alone multiple. When she realizes this, she and her Love'll probably have moar than "$6 to their name".

That ticket that was given to her to see Eddie Izzard? Since it was front row and all, she probably could have hocked it for a decent amount on eBay. She also really didn't need to buy souvenirs.

She has also been known to go to Disneyland in her times of financial need. She is so smart.

Not a Vampire?

Yes, it really is true. She is now forsaking everything she is e-famous for and is denying ever being a vampire. Despite years of claims and trying to prove to the world that her subculture is a valid one, and years of speaking out against Todd Hoyt, Don Henrie and Michelle Belanger, she is giving everything up in hopes that the trolls will leave her alone.

I wonder if she realizes that this only opens herself up to more trolls and flames. Only now they're are going to actually come from within her own community.

UPDATE: She has blocked access to the link from ED. So, it's copypasta tiem.




Since she is OH SO SMART, she has blocked linking from ED to her sites. You can easily get around this by copy and pasting the urls.

Recent Hang-Outs

It'll be easier to poke fun at her at these places.


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