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I'm the only man in a sea of LJ-addicted women. Worship me.

Lj-favicon.png Mengus is a LiveJournal attention whore, most noted for his contributions to brutal honesty and his willingness to stick his dick in the crazy, the fat, the ugly, and the diseased.

Internets fame

Mengus is the king of brutal_honesty, a community full of people even uglier and more pathetic than he, as predicted by the old-meme saying: "In the land of the blind, even this ugly fuck can get laid." His every post, whether in brutal_honesty or his personal journal, generates hundreds of comments, most of them containing such pearls of wisdom as "I came" or "I'm jerking it right now." Mengus recently commented that Hungryandhollow was "like a little brother" which, considering both Mengus's family life and Hungryandhollow's gayboi style, does not bode well for Hungryandhollow's asshole.

Mengus is most famous for his involvement with Animal Dreams, a similarly sex-crazed LJ user who fucked him, fell for him, stalked him, and eventually went completely batshit insane. Observers note that while A_D was at fault for being a lunatic, said insanity was so obvious that even a whore like Mengus should have recognized the signs and backed off of that crazy shit. As a result of the drama, Mengus has been persona non grata at Lj-favicon.png sf_drama and, to a lesser extent, stupid free, and everybody on the internet (especially LJUS) is sick and fucking tired of hearing about where he sticks his dick.

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