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A typical mensa member
A typical mensa meeting (dubious, there's a girl involved...)

Mensa is an elitist geek organisation that uses pitifully low-ceiling "intelligence" tests as evidence that they have something to feel good about. The organization exists purely for the ironic lulz of bilking people of their money to "confirm" their huge intellects. Flattery is pretty much the oldest and most blatant con on the planet, as well as the most effective: IQ testing administered by Mensa runs from $18 to $40 in the US, and you can take the test twice. Once you're a winnar, you pay just $52 annually! A steal at twice the price!

Membership dues are PLZ 60 in Poland. At least they ask nicely there.

Like Asperger's Syndrome, it's not uncommon for people to self-diagnose Mensa-level IQ-skillz by doing stupid online quizzes. Some people may even claim to be members, but real people that have made the mistake of joining will invariably tell you that they dropped out after they discovered what losers Mensans are. Most people just take the test for the lulz.

Note that the proportion of the population that qualifies to join Mensa is exactly the same as the proportion that has BPD, which may explain why they maintain a directory of psychologists on their US website.

If you are in Mensa, you have to wear a t-shirt that says "I'm with stupid -->" at all times.

True Fact: "Mensa" means "Dumb Girl" in Mexican Spanish.

How to get into Mensa

To get into Mensa you have to score in the top 2% on a standardized IQ test. The top 2% can be expressed on a bell curve, but that's as far as anyone ever gets because the nerd doing the presentation gets distracted by its similarity to a boob.

Facts Noone Cares About


Mensa-Chan in motivational form.

Some bitch decided today to post some tits and noods on 4chon. She happened to note her affiliation with MENSA, something about her IQ, and also, tits. Due to her compliance with our demands, she was named a Chan, and recorded here for lulz.

Trolling Mensa Members

You don't have to. They have such ugly infights all you have to so is show up with popcorn and watch.

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You are stupider than a Mensa member. You can help by becoming An Hero.